How Is Location Independence Changing The Workplace?

How Is Location Independence Changing The Workplace?

Location independence, it’s a phrase that has exploded on trend data graphs over the last 18 months, especially since the global health pandemic has forced many companies to begin to embrace home-working and remote working.

Remote working used to be tied to the romantic notion of the digital nomad, a 20-something boho-inspired traveler who worked from their laptop and country hopped from the beaches of Bali to the sands of the Saraha whenever they felt like it.

These days though, more and more workplaces are embracing location independence as a way to reduce costs and attract the best talent.

Changing Office Politics

A big change in the way we see location independence having an impact is on office politics.

Before the pandemic, many employees would dread going into the office to be faced with nasty office politics, gossip, and rumors. There was a mental health crisis amongst workers, and burnout was a real issue.

Now, with more workers working from home, it’s easier to switch off and avoid all of the office gossips altogether.

You also get your own choice of coffee, which is a huge bonus for coffee fans!

Changing Housing Requirements

Do you live somewhere you love, or do you live somewhere you have to live just for work purposes?

Before the pandemic, most people had to live close to where they worked, and that didn’t always mean getting the best house prices or even the best homes.

Now, with location independence taking off, there are more workers than ever saving money and looking for premier real estate in the very best locations, regardless of whether it’s close to their “office” or not.

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Changing Mental Health

There was a mental health crisis in the modern-day working environment. In some cases, there still is, and most of this is to do with being overworked, underpaid, and undervalued.

Setting out a proper work/life balance has always been tricky, and that’s compounded even more when we consider adding an hour or two-hour commute each way, as well as being stuck in a gray office building, in a gray cubicle with gray colleagues you would never hang out with outside of work.

Location independence means working at home, in your own environment, with your own surroundings, which is a huge boost to mental health.

It can also mean, once the health pandemic has abated, working in shared co-working places, coffee shops, hotel rooms, and yes, that hammock on the beach of Bali.


Changing the Environment

One of the biggest changes we’ve seen since a huge proportion of the office-working population went location independent is that the environment has changed.

From clearer waters in Venice to quieter skies above London, even the smog has cleared in some cities, and that’s thanks to reduced congestion from commuters trying to get into their office every morning.

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