Innovative Car Technologies That Improve Safety And Enhance The Driving Experience

Innovative Car Technologies That Improve Safety And Enhance The Driving Experience

Leading edge automotive technology is one of the hottest investment areas on Wall Street. Auto makers that invest in tech for autonomous vehicles (AVs) and electric vehicles (EVs) are performing well. Cutting edge car tech plays an important role in reducing accidents and material damage, minimizing injuries, and saving lives. It will also revolutionize the transport industry as it transitions to next-generation vehicles. Here are the latest car tech innovations that are making waves.

Safety Features

The number of pedestrian deaths from cars rose from 4,019 in 2009 to over 6,000 in 2018. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, part of the increase was attributed to pick-ups and crossovers that have higher hoods. The chances of ending under the vehicle during a crash are higher than in a sedan, where you’ll land on the hood, upping your chances of survival. Hence, when choosing a ride, you’ll want to consider several safety features that will help you navigate your truck or sports utility vehicle (SUV) safely to avoid collisions, injuries, and even death. 

Automatic emergency braking (AEB) is one feature that can help reduce collisions. The car’s  brakes are activated automatically when a pedestrian or cyclist is detected, or when it senses an imminent crash. Although AEB is not yet a typical feature in all cars and is often an option in lots of models, automakers in the US have volunteered to make it standard in all new vehicles, starting from 2022. Statistics suggest that safety tech is paying off, with traffic fatalities dropping despite a rise in average miles traveled.

Advanced Driver Attention Systems

In addition to sophisticated crumple zones, use of high strength steel in areas that protect occupants better in accidents, and multiple airbags to cushion the impact of a collision, technology that improves driver attention is also a welcome development. To illustrate, a system that monitors the movements of the steering wheel or uses cameras to watch the driver assists in reducing incidents of distracted driving. 

Advanced systems predict as well when a vehicle is heading into a ditch, such as Volvo’s Run Off Road Protection. Sensors detect when a wheel unweighting occurs, indicating that a car is veering off course. When this happens, the seatbelts are tightened until the automobile stops moving. In severe impacts, airbags are deployed, and the brake pedal is pulled back.

To reduce spinal injuries, the seat frame is designed to crumple downwards. Another system that helps drivers focus on the road is General Motor’s Super Cruise for their Cadillacs. Hands-free driving is possible where the car steers by itself while maintaining a safe distance for as long as the driver is paying attention. To do this, cameras are pointed at the driver to check if their eyes are open and looking toward the road.

Revolutionary auto technology is crucial in making cars that are safe, reducing crashes, bodily injuries, fatalities, and damage to property. It also makes driving a pleasant and enhanced experience.

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