5 Great Instagram Reels for Small Business

5 Great Instagram Reels for Small Business

The 21st century is the age of modernization and digitalization – with almost everyone owning a computer and almost everyone being familiar with social media. Several different industries have cashed in on the era of technology with new and innovative ways to make profits.

Making a profit is perhaps even more critical for small businesses with limited budgets set aside for ad marketing. When in fact, this is what impacts their business the most. To work around the issue, small businesses are advised to look towards free or cheap ways of marketing – one of which would be making an Instagram Reel. 

Here are a few high-quality social media video ad examples to get your business off its feet:

1.Show the Customer Before Vs. After

Perhaps the best way to showcase your product to the consumer is to show them what it can do in real-time. For example, you could sell hair oil with a flashy tagline, but it wouldn’t attract half as many customers if you showcase the slogan with an image before and after using said hair oil. 

You are showing the consumer what your product does instead of telling them what it could do works wonders for your business. If your reel features examples of customer reviews or personal changes – showcase them!

2.Present Facts

Let’s say you own a small business of supplements. You know, and so does the consumer that phosphorus is necessary for healthy growth. However, the consumer might not understand why it is needed. 

It is essential to present a potential customer with facts that support your product. In this case, you could tell them in a reel what exactly phosphorus does for your body and why it would be necessary. 

Once you’ve hooked a potential customer with what they could be missing out on, it’s time to sell your product as the gateway for what they need. 

3.Be Personal and Engaging

Customers like it when they can visualize the name behind the brand and the person behind the operations. In this case, make a reel telling your followers a bit of yourself, your background, and what inspired you to start your business.

4.Make it to the Explore Page

Instagram Reels are ways to engage with the Instagram community or a winder audience associated with Instagram (Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.). The best part of an Instagram Reel is that it doesn’t have to cost business owners anything.

Featured Reels are reels that Instagram would pick itself and feature in the Explore page for more views. These reels are what the company believes people want to see. Think about it as a mutual relationship – you give Instagram your content, and they feature you for potential customers. 

5.Add Bloopers

To make your business stand out, make your content as fun and creative as possible. Nothing’s funnier than something that wasn’t scripted. Make a reel out of all your bloopers and have your followers engage more on your posts. 


To conclude, marketing doesn’t have to break the bank if you go about it creatively. One way to do so is to create a fun and engaging Instagram reel – it gets business booming and costs nothing.

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