Is a Root Canal Necessary Before a Dental Crown?

Dental Crown

Many people wonder if there’s a need for a root canal before having a dental crown. Maybe because they misunderstood the procedure. Yes, a root canal procedure is essential and goes along with a dental crown.

What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns work as protective covering placed over damaged teeth. Crowns are made from different materials, such as ceramics, resin, porcelain, and metal. Anyone having this dental treatment must practice good oral hygiene. Since the crown is tooth-shaped, it restores the original tooth’s shape, appearance, and shape. The caps are placed over the reshaped decayed or damaged tooth and cemented to keep them in place.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

A dentist implements root canal treatment to get rid of an infection. If there is an infection in the tissue or roots of the tooth, the dentist will access the center of the tooth to remove the decay. The best thing about root canal therapy is that it puts an end to the pain of the damaged tooth. Once the tooth is hollowed out, the patient will not feel any pain by removing the pulp from the tooth. After the root canal therapy, there must be a dental crown to support the tooth and prevent further damage.

Reasons why a treated tooth needs a dental crown

Molars and premolars require a crown. It is because these teeth exert much biting effort and thus require support. If the teeth have lesser effort in biting, there’s no need for a crown after a root canal.

Other reasons include:

  • Oral health 

If the decay has reached the root canal, there’s a need for dental crown placement. For minor cracks on the surface, resin filling will do.

  • Past damage

Previous damage in the root canals is prone to breakage. Installing a dental crown can prevent tooth crumbling, especially when the structure is weak.

  • Bruxism

People fond of grinding their teeth or bruxism most likely require a dental crown after a root canal treatment.  

Popular uses of dental crowns that do not require a root canal

Some instances do not need root canal therapy before placing dental crowns.

  • To improve the appearance of a discolored tooth.

Although there are many teeth whitening treatments available and effective, not all of them can get rid of the stains. With this, some people prefer having dental crowns to improve their appearance.

  • To support dental bridges.

There’s a need for dental bridges, but there is a missing tooth between the two closest teeth. The crown is placed to fit the gap and serves as an anchor, making the bridge stronger.

  • Chipped teeth

If the chipping or breaking of the teeth does not open the pulp chamber, then it does not require a root canal. But expect tooth sensitivity once the enamel is damaged. Thus, there’s a need to install a dental crown.

What Happens When Placing a New Crown on an Affected Tooth?

A dental crown serves as an anchor or support to a tooth after a root canal procedure. Thus, it makes the tooth stronger even after the procedure. But practice good oral hygiene.

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