Is Axo2moon Scam {Sep 2022} Check Details

Is Axo2moon Scam


Are you looking for an investment platform? Then Axo2moon might be the site you should explore. And to make the procedure easy for you, I researched what Axo2moon is, is Axo2moon scam or a legit site, how Axo2moon works, and many more. So, scroll down and read all the points.

About Axo2moon com:

Axo2moon is a digital platform created for investment purposes that helps you to receive $1 for every 15 minutes just after one tab. The total number of players on this platform is 609362, who pay a total of $145303. Axo2moon also launched a trade on pancake Swap on June 15, 2021, which broke the records with more than 1 million players on the launch day.

However, other aspects should be considered before investing in such websites.

Specification of Axo2moon Com:

Let us discuss the procedure of Axo2moon step-by-step, which will determine whether to invest in it or not-

  • First of all, you have to download TRUST WALLET, the trusted digital wallet, which is one of the most popular and used sites in the world. 
  • Then buy BNB or BSC to endorse your digital wallet. 
  • Next open DAPPs and click on Pancake Swap, which is an easy way to exchange sources that permits you to swap BSC or BNB coins.
  • Then copy the contract address given below 0x52dCF5BEdc061604D8C592B0079A0FF2ceA22eB7 and go back to Pancakeswap.
  • Next, make a set version to V2 and paste the contract address, but before that, select the currency.
  • Be sure you have set 12% of slippage.

Is Axo2moon scam or a legit website?

  • Axo2moon is available on the exchange Pancake Swap, a trustworthy decentralized platform.
  • Axo2moon is one year old, as the domain registration date is May 22, 2021.
  • But the website has a low trust index of 1 % and a poor trust rank of 28.4/100, which is not a good score.
  • The website has not received expected investments from its users.
  • And along with that, it has mixed user reviews, mostly negative, that say the site crashed at the time.
  • Users claim they had difficulties withdrawing the winning money to their wallets.

All the above points make the website doubtful and raise many questions. The most frequent question is, is Axo2moon a scam or a legit site for investors? So, in my opinion, investors must be sure and check all the necessary points before investing in Axo2moon.

Investor’s Axo2moon Reviews:

As mentioned above, Axo2moon is a young site with mixed feedback, which determines whether this site is legit or a fraudulent investment website. Many users claim that they have faced many frauds and had issues withdrawing the winning amount. Along with the negative reviews, there is good feedback for Axo2moon. This website has an average rating of 3.4. 


Axo2moon is an investment website that promises $1 every fifteen minutes after one press. But unfortunately, the website had too much negative feedback from users, so I will only advise you to be careful before you wish to invest in the site and explore the website more. 

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