Is Gambling on a Slot Machine Really Random?

Is Gambling on a Slot Machine Really Random?

Slot machines are famous worldwide for the unique kind of gamble that they offer. Your goal is to land as many matching symbols on the reels as possible. They have to land in a payline – a straight line across the reels, a diagonal one or even a curving one. The game is easy to play and doesn’t require strategy, it is simple and accessible to any player – click and play online slots.

Slots are normally highly volatile games. Sometimes you might struggle to land any wins at all and sometimes, you will be scoring big wins regularly. This variance leads many players to believe that slots are rigged or are otherwise controlled by casinos. Nevertheless, gambling providers, slot developers and gambling authorities in the UK advise players that slots are completely random. Who should we believe? We find out in this article. 

The use of Random-Number-Generators 

The classic 3-reel slot machines back in the day (also called the fruit machines) used to rely on physical mechanics to randomise the outcome of your spins. The spin would be initiated by the player pulling the “arm” of the machine which set the reels in motion. The energy of the arm pull travelled through a crash course of intricate devices inside the slot machine and resulted in one of the possible outcomes.

These devices could be deemed random but due to their mechanical nature, they could be cheated. Some gamblers used coins attached to a string, others inserted wire hooks into the machines and triggered the payout buttons located inside. New, safer technology for slots was needed.

In the 1940s, the RAND Corporation developed the first-ever RNG (random-number-generator). This was a program ran by computers that was able to calculate and create random, big numbers quicker than any previously known device.

RNGs weren’t used in gambling until the 80s. It was in the 80s and 90s that RNGs were integrated into slot machines. From then on, slot machines based the outcomes of their spins on the numbers created by the RNG. Slot machines today rely and work on the same principle. 

  • Today, RNG is a compulsory component in any slot machine, a land-based one or an online slot game.
  • The RNG creates series of long, random numbers on which the outcomes of your spins are based.
  • Land-based slot machines use a True RNG, which is a computer chip secured inside of a slot machine. It cannot be manipulated.
  • Online slots use a Pseudo RNG, which is a program with an algorithm that decides the outcomes of your spins. The algorithm can be found out and cracked and the game manipulated. However, that is very difficult to do and doesn’t happen often. Only a handful of professional hackers have pulled this stunt off in the past. 


Gambling on a slot machine is truly random. This is guaranteed by the use of RNG in all slot machines and slot games online. Every casino has to use an industry-approved RNG which undergoes extensive testing by 3rd party companies. The RNGs are tested for fairness, randomness and overall performance. Any slot machine in a licensed casino will have an authority-approved RNG, so a player can be certain that the game is random.

Always play in licensed and well-reviewed casinos – their games are guaranteed to be fair and random. That is the only way to protect yourself from being scammed by illegal gambling businesses.

Slots are unpredictable. You will lose some and win some. Only spend what you can afford and don’t forget that you are buying entertainment and not investing your money. Gamble responsibly and we wish you the best of luck in your slots adventures!

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