Is GAS Stove Better Than Electric Stove?

GAS Stove


Gas VS Electric Stoves – Get Pros & Cons

Gas stoves have been traditionally used by people since a lot of generations.The primary question people used to ask when they think about setting up a new gas connection for their house was- which gas stove to buy, until technology took over. Now people pose a question of whether to buy a gas stove or an electric stove. While both gas stoves and electric stoves are used by people widely which is better is a matter of question and it can be determined by weighing the pros and cons of both.

Is Gas Stove good for you?

The gas stove has been primarily used by our parent’s generation and is the most bought kitchen appliance. The gas stove uses combustible natural gas and has metal burners which have to be ignited using a lighter. Initially, the gas stove was found in the 1820s and England establishes a gas stove factory in 1836. Gas stoves slowly started to get recognition and reached a peak of usage in the 20th century and are widely used.

Setting up a new gas connection has become a primary focus for everyone who is shifting to a new home Gas stoves have both pros and cons which have to be weighed.

Pros and cons of using a Gas stove

  • It is easy to adjust the required heat and temperature in a gas stove. It provides an instant change in the temperature and flame suitable for cooking of food which demands rapid changes in the temperature along the cooking process.
  • The gas stove and its metal coil is durable and will last longer. Although it is subject to wear and tear in the long run, generally there is no worry of causing a scratch or tear on the surface of the metal burners.
  • It is traditionally used and is easier for people to know the way of usage. It is way more suitable for elders.
  • Cleaning the gas stove can be a little tedious task as one has to remove the coils and clean the surface underneath and put it back again.
  • The gas stove needs a refill of the natural gas or propane time to time and it demands us to be little cautious about when the stove might run out of gas.

Is Electric Stove good for you?

An electric stove is a device which uses electricity to produce heat for cooking.
An electric stove has an electric coil in which the temperature can be set by a rotatory switch or simmerstat. Although electric stoves are widely used it is not the most sought after because of the lack of awareness on its usage.  By 1930s, the advancement in technology slowly paved the way for usage of electric stoves in the households. The feasibility of using an electric stove can be understood by weighing the pros and cons.

Pros and cons of using Electric Stove

  • An electric stove is easy to clean as it has a smooth surface and can be wiped off easily.
    Although cleaning needs to be done carefully as electrics stoves are subject to scratches.
  • It is easier to install an electric stove and does not need a recharge of gas now and then. It is just a one-time investment with proper service now and then.
  • The heating and temperature control is consistent and can be effective in baking and boiling.
  • Electric stoves don’t heat up and cool down immediately and take up some time.
  • Electric stove consumes a considerably high amount of electricity.

Gas stove vs electric stove

So, before setting up a new gas connection or buying an electric stove, consider all these things. A gas stove needs to be refill now and then while an electric stove does not have that demand but consumes electricity which can be costlier than the gas. An electric stove is easier to clean than a gas stove. A gas stove gives flexibility in cooking temperatures while an electric stove provides a gradual and consistent heat. Gas stoves can be effective in cooking like barbecues where the temperature needs to be changed now and then.

An electric stove can be preferred in baking where the temperature needs to be consistent. Although gas stove is widely used and preferred over an electric stove, the demand for the food being cooked should be considered.

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