Is It Necessary To Purchase A Used Bike Or A New Bike?



Planning to purchase a bike! Confusion prevails whether you should opt for an used bike or a new bike. Yes, the feeling is hard to replicate when you are purchasing a brand new bike from a showroom. But if you take the financial perspective to buy second hand bike online is a better idea.

It is hard to determine which option to choose, but you can outline the process to go about the process. There are a few pointers to consider when it comes to decide between a used bike and a new bike.


The most important point of consideration is the price or with the budget. A new bike is going to cost you more as compared to a used bike, since the latter is depreciated for having covered a lot of ground. In the first year of ownership the highest degree of depreciation happens that is around 30 % since the cost of registration and road taxes are added. When you are purchasing a new bike there is no scope of negotiation. Though  when you are purchasing a second hand bike you can bargain about the prices.

A drawback with a second hand bike is hidden costs for service and repair. With a quality second hand bike centre a proper inspection is undertaken by expert technicians as you may be 100 % sure about the condition of the bike. There is an inspection report available with every second hand bike that is purchased. It ensures that the condition of the bike is intact and you are protected with every purchase.


It goes without denying that a new bike is bound to have superior features with newer technologies along with safety equipment. Examples are traction control, ABS. There is a warranty in place indicating that you will be covered in case of any mechanical or component failure. A drawback is that the condition of the second hand bike is dependent on how the previous owner has taken care of it. There is a possibility that the bike would have crashed millions of times and he would have assembled and put it in order. It goes without saying that you should purchase a second hand bike from a trusted source and better a pre- owned company would do a great job.

A suggestion is to purchase a second hand bike with a few kilometres on the road is much better than having to deal with a brand new one. The reason being 2 nd hands 2 wheeler is available at a fraction of the cost when compared to a new one. This is applicable in case of top notch motor bikes from prominent brands. If you are interested in one there are numerous centres who would guide you on how to take the process ahead.


Eventually it all boils down to what you require. Just check out whether you require a bike for daily chores or it would be for occasional use. For an office goer they seek a bike that provides them with a good mileage where they need to commute between office and work. Whereas students or  other people would prefer a bike that offers a decent degree of mileage. They would be looking for a bike that would be serving as a mean machine for commuting long distance with their friends.

When it comes to women they are likely to prefer non- geared scooters like an Activa or a Dio but times have gone on to change. You should not be surprised if a woman zips past you in an Enfield or a super bike. If you are aware on how to ride a bike it is never going to be gender based. Conversely if you are planning on how to rid the gear may be scratched as the engine could go for a toss. For beginner and learner drives user bikes are a great choice before you are planning to upgrade into a shiny one.

A timely suggestion is to look for companies that provide top notch services when it comes to your bikes. Obviously you need to be lucky to strike the best deal among the lot.

The tips and trades to keep in mind when searching for a second hand bike

When you are purchasing a second hand bike physical inspection is the most important. A proper inspection can reveal a lot when it comes to purchase of a bike. It can give you an idea whether the bike is well maintained or not, oil leaks, visible scratches etc. if you are purchasing from a trusted dealer than an online inspection is a definite must. There are vital checks necessary to keep in mind when you are purchasing a second hand bike.

It is necessary that the bikes needs to undergo a periodic technical inspection to understand whether it is in proper condition or not. Oil leaks are vital as you have to check out the engine area along with the shock absorbers. Suppose if the bike has not been washed then the oil leaks would be evident but if it has been washed you need to check out the signs of leakage.

The mental components of the bike is subject to rusting over the years. A tinge of surface rust may be ok that may be treated but a deep rust poses a major problem of sorts. The concern could be that you need to repair the rusted part. If the rust is too much you have only an option to replace the rusted part. For visible rust it is necessary to inspect the entire chassis of the rusted component

In some of the top tier cities of the country scratches tend to be common due to overcrowded parking lots or congested roads. A scratch here and there is accepted, but once it is a major one it calls for a major overhaul. The reason being it could spoil the look of the bike.

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