Is Live Streaming the Future of Entertainment

Live Streaming

In the age of smartphones and tablets, there are endless mediums of online entertainment for people to access. 

What’s the most popular one of them all? Simple – it’s live streaming. 

What exactly is live streaming? 

Live streaming is media that’s streamed over the internet in real-time. 

Although certain forms of media – such as Vlogs – are streamed, they aren’t classed as ‘live streams’ due to the fact that they’re uploaded after they’ve been recorded. 

With that said, here’s a crazy statistic for you to read, courtesy of Vimeo: 

  • 44 percent of people say they now watch less live TV because of live streaming 

Clearly, live streaming is very popular right now – but will it remain relevant moving into the future? 

The short and sweet answer is yes. Let’s take a look at why. 

You Can Now Live Stream Online Games:

Certain online games – such as video poker and blackjack – are now available in live streaming form. What this means is that players can interact with a human dealer via video in real-time. Essentially, this replicates the experience you would have in a land-based casino, only this time you’re playing from home using your smartphone or computer device! For a live casino experience, many people are using the Cafecasino live dealer option. 

Live Streaming Platforms – Twitch, YouTube, Periscope – Remain Free:

As anyone with a TV knows, you have to pay for a TV license in order to use it. On top of this, if you want to access the best channels, you’ll need to pay a fee for those, too. In a period where most live streaming platforms are free, this is incredibly frustrating for people. 

For example, why would you pay for a live streaming TV channel when you can go on YouTube for free? It’s a no-brainer. This is why – as things stand – it seems certain that live streaming is the future of entertainment. 

Plus, platforms such as Twitch and YouTube have customized their content in a way that makes it incredibly engaging for users. You can message other people in the comments, pay for super chats that get read aloud by the live streamers, and so much more. This is especially fun for Millennials and those from Gen Z, as they love to interact with content creators in real-time. 

Apps Are Driving Fan Engagement:

Around a decade ago, if you wanted to watch live streaming content, you’d have to use your laptop or computer, as most smartphones simply couldn’t handle it or didn’t have readily available apps. 

Now, though, this has all changed. Live streaming apps – such as the Twitch app – are enabling fans to watch content from multiple locations throughout the day, whether they’re riding the subway to work or are relaxing at home with their feet kicked up on the couch. This is something you can’t do with a TV due to the fact that they aren’t portable, so it’s hardly surprising why live streaming has become so popular. 

Social media has joined the party:

Over recent years, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have joined the live streaming party. 

  • Facebook Live enables content creators and everyday people to stream broadcasts to their friends and followers
  • Instagram Live, much like Facebook live, gives you the opportunity to ‘go live’ in real-time. Now, it’s become commonplace for celebrities and influencers to conduct live broadcasts with their followers on a daily basis 
  • Twitter Spaces let users conduct audio-based live streams where other users can enter the spaces and join in with the conversation

Moving into the future, it’s expected that live streaming will continue to be one of social media’s main attraction points. 

Live streaming provides people with an opportunity to make a living: 

Live streaming isn’t just great for the content viewers – it’s also great for the content makers. 

On mainstream platforms like YouTube, you can build big subscriber bases by regularly live streaming. The more subscribers you get, the more likes and comments you will receive, which then enables you to make money off the advertising. 

Essentially, live streaming enables people to make a living from the comfort of their own homes. All you need is a video camera and an idea – it’s that simple. There isn’t even a need to invest in a fancy studio or green screen like you see on TV: instead, it’s all about genuine content creation. 

It’s because of this reason why many people are leaving their jobs to become content creators, which keeps the industry vibrant and healthy. 


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