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As an Internet user, do we need to use VPN for surfing? Is there any risk for our daily Internet activities and digital identity, especially when we connect Internet by public Network as in the hotel, bus, office, or at some other points? The answer is sure Yes. There is a big risk for privacy leak.  So we need a VPN tool to help us block unauthorized parties and tools from accessing your visited sites, provided information, and downloaded files. 

How a VPN tool works to protect our surfing?

A VPN tool works by connect your device’s Internet through the VPN’s private server you selected rather than your ISP, so that your data is transmitted to the Internet through the VPN server rather than your computer. During the transmitting, all your data is encrypted by the VPN tool and your real IP is hidden. 

iTop VPN is a tool that can help you

I have a tried a few VPN tools, iTop VPN is the one that I would like to recommend to you. If you think your privacy matters, it is suggested to use iTop VPN for your online privacy security. 

iTop VPN is one of the best free VPN for Windows, Android device and iOS system. Unlike other expensive VPN services, you can use iTop VPN free features if the free features are enough for you. With Premium version, iTop VPN provides thousands servers with 10x faster Internet connection for you, and no limit on the bandwidth.


Be careful to choose free VPN tool

Although, there are numerous free VPN tools available on the market. However, please be cautious when selecting one. The word “free” has the power to entice us into any trap. Users are readily duped into installing spam tools and programs as a result of these traps. There are hundreds of free VPN providers available, but none of them offer clear user policies. These tools’ organizations are far too dodgy to be trusted. By signing up for such shady VPN services, you are allowing simple access to your personal information. These businesses sell user data and keep track of their surfing behavior. This personal information is then sold to various companies. In other words, by revealing your privacy, you are paying the price for a free VPN.

Why iTop VPN is recommended for Safe Surfing?

Because of the volatile market, it is strongly advised that you only utilize a secure and reliable VPN. iTop VPN is a VPN for PC that is trusted by millions of users for secure and safe internet connectivity in a digital world full of scams and frauds. Not only are VPN services free, but the connection speed is significantly faster than competitors. The servers are housed in the safest parts of the world, with no other agencies or companies interfering.

Why iTop VPN is recommended for Safe Surfing

Any VPN provider faces a difficult problem in enforcing a no-logging policy. Since its inception, iTop VPN has been dedicated to providing customers with a completely safe and secure experience. Regardless of whether you’re utilizing a free or premium service,  your privacy is guaranteed from any type of interference.

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