Jungle Raja App | The Best Casino App for 2021

Jungle Raja App | The Best Casino App for 2021

Let us get one thing straight off the bat here, 2021 much like last year is turning out to be a bit of a sourpuss. The pandemic is reaching new heights especially in the sub-continent making it difficult for everyone to go about their daily activities.

Therefore, it  is increasingly important for us all to find ways of staying healthy both physically and mentally. If you are unable to visit your local park or cricket ground, then we urge you to set up a small work out area in your house. It does not have to be the full shebang with weightlifting machines and cross trainers, even a simple yoga mat will do. The point is that you need to stay active and not turn into a couch potato devouring the latest titles from NetFlix.

Similarly, you need to train your mind, and this can be done by doing a whole bunch of activities. Start off the day by doing the crossword in your local newspaper. Play a game of chess or even Ludo on your mobile phone. You can even play a few hands of poker or spins of the roulette wheel with the latest casino apps available in India.

Yes, online gambling in India has taken off. While the current legislation has made it difficult for locals to set up casinos both offline and online, offshore companies are taking advantage of the loophole in the law to offer the very latest in online gaming. One such operator is Jungle Raja, an online casino licensed in Curacao but with a very desi feel.

Jungle Raja Casino | India’s Premium Online Casino

Jungle Raja burst into the scene in 2020, no doubt impressed by the numbers being generated by other online casinos. The look and feel of the online casino is very different from its competitors. While casinos such as ComeOn, PureWin and Betway have gone for a more serious approach, vowing their players with sleek style and colour scheme, the Jungle Raja app opts for a more lighthearted look.

The first thing that strikes you when entering the Jungle Raja app is how colourful it looks. Orange, green and blue are in abundance here. The mascot for the online casino is a lion with a smile that would put Deepika Padokune to shame. All of this makes a very warm and welcoming casino giving more reason for the players to create an account.

For those not convinced by the colour scheme or the mascot, should find the welcome offer extremely attractive. Jungle Raja app gives you Rs500 for simply opening an account. Yes, that is right. All you need to do here is provide your username and email and Rs500 is immediately credited into your account.

You can use this bonus money to try out the casino before you deposit your own money. This in our opinion is a fantastic way to get potential players to familiarise themselves with the casino. You can play their slots, jackpots or even try your hand at the live dealer games. The live dealer games are extremely impressive as they give you the illusion of playing at the actual casino without having to leave the comfort of your home.

So, in summary, this pandemic is proving to be tough and we urge you all to occupy yourselves with positive thoughts and feelings and to undertake activities that keep your mind and body stimulated!

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