Karan Oberoi Workout Routine and Diet (updated 2020)

Karan Oberoi Workout Routine and Diet (updated 2020)


Karan Oberoi also is known as KO, is one of the most skillful fitness models we have in this era. Known for his style and body, ruling the world of fitness and fashion. When taken as a whole, Karan Oberoi KO’s diet and workout plan have helped him become one of the fittest men on the planet, whose rock-hard physique is almost as legendary as his extraordinary prowess in front of the camera. It’s also helped him secure a ton of awards, including the top fitness model and the youth icon of the year. That’s not to mention all the fitness goals he’s has achieved is because of tremendous self-discipline and hard work.

Any male with two eyes and a pulse is right to wonder how Karan Oberoi KO went from being a normal next-door teenager to one of the world’s foremost top fitness models, and it’s for them that we present his rigorous fitness regimen. From Karan Oberoi’s workouts to his diet and nutrition, let’s take a look at the modeling star epic training routine.


Karan Oberoi‘s Diet Plan

Being a genuine lover of food, Karan Oberoi most likely modifies his diet and nutrition depending on the demands of his career sometimes he has to stay super lean to walk the ramp and sometimes KO has to beef up, for the fitness shoot. As a result, his typical meal plan can range extensively in accordance with various factors. Rather than deprive you of a window into his world, we’ll do the opposite by listing out everything he’s been known to eat. Just remember not to employ the following meal plan within a single day. Here we go.

Karan Oberoi KO’s Breakfast

  • Whole wheat bread– When on a strict diet, Karan Oberoi sticks to healthy food like whole-grain or whole-wheat bread.
  • Egg whites– Which has got a super-rich amino acid profile according to top model.
  • Fruit juice– Oberoi might generally avoid sugar, but that doesn’t stop him from drinking vitamin-rich fruit juice such as orange juice for breakfast. His favouritesareguava and orange.
  • Coffee– He reportedly drinks regular black coffee to look trim.
  • Peanut butter– a great alternative, the time you want feel like munching something unhealthy, satisfies your hunger.
  • Oats– We don’t know if KO ate everything in the breakfast like this, but for sure he doesn’t miss oats.
  • Fruit– His legendary brunch meal which he never misses.


  • Fish– Sometimes but not often in the lunch, but he loves switching with chicken.
  • Chicken– It’s lean and packed with protein. Enough said.
  • Whole-wheat pasta– If you’re going to eat pasta like Oberoi, make it whole-wheat pasta.
  • Green vegetables– The benefits of green veggies speak for themselves.
  • Quinoa– If nicely cooked in veggies doesn’t have an alternative also high in protein.


Green leafy salad – No steak dinner is complete without at least one side.

  • Chicken breast– When sticking squarely to a healthy diet, KO opts for lean protein with a side of rice and beans or quinoa.
  • Protein shake before bed or tandoori chicken.


Karan Oberoi ‘s Workout Strategy

“Mix it up,” says Karan Oberoi on training, and his fitness regimen duly abides. Alternately consisting of warm-up routines, Running on Roads, cardio, and weight training, it puts those calories to use and keeps the famous athlete in top shape. He also tells us to keep changing workout from time to time to fetch the best results. On spot Jumps, push-ups, chin-ups are few physical activities that are simple yet result giving activities. So, emphasizes keeping workout simple yet effective. KO also emphasizes to keep workout sessions intense and give less gap between sets. He also gives importance to include sports in your daily routine combined with a workout to get the best out from you. One needn’t see his gratuitous body pics to know the effort pays off.

At the gym, it’s more cardio, ab workouts, and weight circuit training as well. It’s been reported that he trains for 1 hour at a time for five days a week, targeting different muscle groups on different days of the week. But at the time of the photoshoot, he increases the time to 3 hrs a day.

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