Things to Keep in Mind While Styling Collar Necklaces

Styling Collar Necklaces

Collar necklaces are the fresh fashion pieces that have made it to the favorites list of women. Ladies love to make their collection diverse that includes accessories and clothing of all kinds. From necklaces to hair accessories, they have a lot to choose from. Collar necklaces are the newly added trend to this collection. Although collar necklaces, also known as chokers, have been there for a long, they have come back into fashion recently. You may have seen many models, fashion bloggers, and celebrities wearing the collar necklace. These necklaces are ideal for daily to occasional wear. You can add this style to your necklace collection to give your outfit an instant modification. Well, if you are new to this type of necklace, we will be your personal stylist. 

Collar necklaces can embellish your basic tops in a snap. If you want to step out in a fashionable piece of outfit, catchy collar necklaces are the right choice. The only thing is that you need to know the right way to style collar necklaces. You should know the type of top to pair with the collar necklace, but we will assist you to pull off the outfits with perfection. We have put together the outfits that would look great with your collar necklace collections. Read ahead to know the best ways to utilize your beautiful collar necklaces. 

Button-Down Shirts 

Collar necklaces go perfectly with button-down shirts. It goes the best if your shirt is collared. Grab a gold collar necklace with your shirt and get flawless attire for your important outing.  These necklaces suit right under the collar of your shirt. Wear your shirt with contrasting colors like black or something bold. It is the best way to stand out and uniquely styling the outfit. The plain background of the shirt will accentuate the features of your collar necklace. 

Off-shoulder tops

If you want to highlight the collar necklace the most, you can choose an off-shoulder top to do the job. Off-shoulder tops make your collar necklaces speak out loud. They will scream fashion when paired with an off-the-shoulder neckline. The collar necklaces embellish your bare neck with perfection. It brings all the attention to your neck. 

Round Neck Tops

You can make the collar necklaces add a unique touch to the top. Style your wardrobe with a round neck top and or a round neck sweater and jazz it up with a collar necklace. You can take it to the next level with a tint on the lips contrasting your sweater. 

Wide Neck Top

Similar to a strapless top, collar necklaces accentuate your neck in a wide neck top too. If you want to bring eyes to your sexy collar bones, do it with a wide neck top and a collar necklace. There is a wide array of collar necklaces at online stores, you can get one with a plain metal or one with some embellishments. You can strategically place the necklace around your bone to accentuate the best feature of your neck. 

When wearing a collar necklace, remember that they suit best with the basic backgrounds because they make them stand out. If you are wearing prints, avoid wearing an embellished necklace over it because your dress may overlap its appearance. A gold necklace looks best with light shades or over complete dark shades. Avoid wearing prints when you are wearing metal collar necklaces.

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