What You Should Know About the BBQ Pizza Oven

What You Should Know About the BBQ Pizza Oven

From the moment you think about eating something, different foods begin to hover on your mind. And the enthusiasm that accompanies each thought is hardly quantifiable. With some, you get excited while others only make you wish. 

Speaking of excitement, one meal that commands a great deal of it is pizza. And who doesn’t love a nicely-made oven-baked pizza? Thanks to the advent of the BBQ pizza oven, you too can make sumptuous pizzas during the weekend or when friends come over.

When we shared the Ooni pizza oven review, we received feedback that signified that more people now fancy the idea of making their own pizzas. You can make healthier recipes with a bit more of the ingredients you love. It saves you from having to wait for your order, and there’s an absolute joy in experiencing the aromas from the beauty you’ve handcrafted.

We have found that more people continue to revel in the delicacy. However, if you’re only just thinking about it, it’s not too late. Below, we’ve outlined all there is to know about BBQ pizza ovens, including the types and a buying guide. But first…

What is a BBQ Pizza Oven?

The BBQ pizza oven is a type of modern oven that uses your charcoal and gas-powered barbecues to cook a pizza, just like a conventional pizza oven. This versatile outdoor cooking appliance is usually made of stainless steel and effectively cooks your homemade pizza in only minutes.

In case you’re someone who likes to try numerous things together, the BBQ pizza oven is also perfect for cooking other food items like cookies, bread, meat, fish, vegetables, etc. The pizza oven trend is on the rise, and it’s no surprise considering the ease that comes with it.

These are the Types of BBQ Pizza Ovens.

It is possible to find pizza ovens in different shapes, sizes, and designs. There are pizza ovens powered by electric, gas, charcoal, and other power sources, with each one coming with its own benefits and downsides. The good news is this provides freedom for everyone to find what works for them.

While the BBQ pizza oven grants you the versatility to use the appliance as a grill or pizza oven, other appliances also let you convert them to serve the same purpose. These ‘hybrid’ BBQ pizza ovens make it possible to utilize what you already have, and it usually results in a powerful oven.

From factory-manufactured to home-designed, this section contains the popular types of BBQ pizza ovens and general information regarding each one of them.

Conventional BBQ Pizza Oven

This is the most common type of pizza oven, and it consists of a pizza oven sitting on a grill. Several companies make this sort of oven, but it is also something you can achieve yourself with a bit of engineering experience. 

Also known as a traditional BBQ pizza oven, it serves two purposes — cooking pizza and grilling. Sometimes, they are built side-by-side, and you do not need to convert them to use any of the functions. You only have to be careful with the temperature settings since they can be pretty tricky. These are generally pricey.

Pizza Oven-Grill Combinations

These are similar to conventional BBQ pizza ovens, with the only difference being that both functionalities cannot be used simultaneously. Instead, the grill function remains inactive when the pizza oven is in use. Hence, these are usually smaller in size, relatively more cost-effective, and ideal for making pizzas on the go.

Grill Conversions

These are grills converted into pizza ovens. You can achieve this with different grill types, like charcoal or gas grills. If constructed properly, they are practical and easy to use. What’s more, this style also allows you to cook other foods with the appliance.

Pizza Oven Grills

This is also relatively common and is sold as a 3-in-1 appliance for grilling, baking, and making pizza. These are not the most recommended since their primary function is grilling. This portable appliance is perfect for grilling but also has a pizza stone. The grill can be used for making pizza with the help of the pizza stone if you’re sufficiently experienced.

This is How to Find the Best BBQ Pizza Oven for Your Family

With an increasing number of pizza oven manufacturers, picking which works best for you can be quite challenging. If you’re finally ready to invest in a BBQ pizza oven, there are certain things you need to take note of, and they are mentioned below.


The size of a pizza oven is usually an indication of its capacity. You should consider investing in the biggest sizes if you have a large family or group of friends to make pizzas for. However, this also translates to sacrificing more money and space in your home. Therefore, more portable pizza ovens are advised for those who have to move the appliance between campgrounds.

While buying a large BBQ pizza oven is a good idea that will save you time, the smaller options remain the best for you if you can only spare a limited storage space or have a smaller family to cook for.

Temperature Settings

There is a wide range of temperature requirements as far as pizza ovens are concerned. It is always a good idea to buy ovens with the freedom to set your preferred temperature and a wide temperature range. This also makes the appliance useful for cooking other meals. A model that heats up between 800- and 900-degrees Fahrenheit seems perfect for most pizzas.

Power Source

As stated earlier, these ovens are powered through a couple of sources, including electricity, gas, wood, and charcoal. If you plan to use them indoors, the electric models are the best option. Meanwhile, the other types require better ventilation and would be best kept outside in an open space.

Design and Aesthetics

Aesthetics have never been more essential when buying home appliances. While it does not necessarily add or subtract from the functionality, it can boost your confidence and serve as a conversation starter among your colleagues. Thankfully, newer designs are usually beautiful and featuring unique designs.


There are numerous BBQ pizza ovens in the market, and they come in an extensive range of prices. You can get a suitable model from as low as a few hundred bucks to around a thousand. It is also advisable to consider keeping some cash aside for accessories, like gloves, pizza peels, scraper, thermometer, brush, etc.


Without any doubt, pizza is one of the most enjoyed meals, which makes investing in a BBQ pizza oven a good idea. We’ve highlighted the essential points above, and you too can take advantage of this information as you consider getting a model that works for you.

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