Everything You Need To Know Before Hiring A Wedding Caterer

Hiring A Wedding Caterer

As soon as you get to know that your wedding venue is reserved, it is a good idea to lock down someone for your wedding catering as well. You may find plenty of providers around you for in-house catering, and it may become a bit hard for you to choose the best one. You directly have to work with a coordinator to explore and finalize menu items for the big day. Well, there are several things that you need to keep in mind while considering someone for wedding catering services. 


The most initial thing that wedding demands, and makes things work is the budget for catering. Commonly, snacks and appetizers are offered during the reception time. Rest, it also depends on the total guest count. Though there’s no specific thumb rule for how much amount you want to spend for it. Make sure to allocate the amount in such a way that it satisfies your personal preferences. Indeed, it would be best if you remembered that affordable catering for weddings is not only about the wedding cake, there’s a lot more than that. 

Food menu and theme

Another thing you need to keep in mind is to set a theme for the special day. It can be either classic romance, vintage glam, or Rustic charm. You might have decided something on a few bits of how you want your wedding to look and feel. And here, the catering menu needs to be matched with the theme. The most common options can be the Buffet style, Multi-course, or family-style, or something with a more casual touch. So while choosing an ideal menu style, think once about the items whether they fit according to the theme or not. After all, you don’t want to end up ruining the theme on the wedding day. 

Choosing the perfect wedding catering services 

As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of vendors in the marketplace, and the list of options might confuse you. Your budget, venue, and the finalized theme plays a significant role overall. The team of the wedding caterers should be trained and professional enough and should know how to keep every single dish up to the mark. Also, what sort of food products and ingredients they use to prepare the food for the wedding day. Check with the coordinator how much time they need for all the preparations. Even if you have not opted for gourmet dining, your wedding catering expert should know and understand how to make the food look more presentable. In addition, if you have planned to add alcohol, ask the caterer if they charge any corkage fee over it or not. 

Qualified staff 

Besides this, most of the wedding reception caterers offer equipment and staff inclusive in their services. Commonly, equipment includes chairs, tables, linens, glasses, and crockery. You can even request the provider to share some samples of their previous arrangements. On the other hand, the staff should be there to take care of everything. Try to get good quality table covers wholesale beforehand according to the theme of the venue. Here what you need to confirm is the sufficient staff count that can accommodate all your guests at the venue. What experts always suggest is to assign an individual per table, when there is a sit-down arrangement.

Ultimately, choosing the right team for wedding catering can fine-tune the setup of your wedding day. Simply be clear about your requirements and preferences so that your guests receive the setting they want.


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