Kuwait Job Vacancy

Kuwait Job Vacancy

In Kuwait there are a lot of companies that are waiting for foreign workers, the reasons are:

a)     Foreign workers are more educated and professional in their field, they are given more education in their native lands;

b)     Companies just don’t have enough workers;

c)     Lack of professionals.

Today we will have a look at some Kuwait job vacancies, opportunities and requirements.

Now you will see such vacancies that you could not even think of. But for men, such a job is not just suitable, but will open up new opportunities and give incredible career growth. In Kuwait companies of oil and gas are lack of such workers as:

  1.     Drilling Superintendent.

A driller is a specialist who manages from the surface of the earth deepening the bottom of the well, fixing rocks on the walls of the well, creating a kind of formwork from high-strength pipes and cement slurry, opening productive deposits and causing oil and gas inflow, eliminating complications and accidents. A driller is the profession of real men. For Kuwaiti companies, both drillers and superintendent are in demand for such specialists.

Important qualities:

          excellent health and physical endurance;

          the ability to endure long-term physical and mental stress in different weather conditions and in different areas;

          the ability to quickly navigate in the environment;

          high level of concentration of attention;

          the ability to work in conditions of irregular working hours;

          a responsibility;


          emotional and volitional stability;

          teamwork skills.

  1.     Maintenance Superintendent.

A maintenance superintendent is a person who is responsible for maintenance, usually the maintenance of a physical entity such as a building, structure, public works system, or golf course. Maintenance supervisors are responsible for keeping the facilities they control in good working order and, to some extent, for anticipating the needs of the people who use the equipment to ensure that they are met. These professionals may be part of professional organizations or unions that they use to establish professional relationships and maintain high levels of productivity.

Trusted in the day-to-day operations of the facilities they work for, maintenance superintendents are often present during most of the day to resolve issues, resolve emergencies, and oversee maintenance tasks. In some cases in Kuwait, the Superintendent may live onsite to be available at any time.

Maintenance salaries vary depending on work experience, years with the organization, job responsibilities, and so on. Many of these professionals work for government agencies and are thus eligible for benefits that can improve their compensation, even if their hourly wages are not very high. In Kuwait, these specialists are very highly regarded, as they really need a lot.

  1.     Legal Counsel.

As we said, Kuwait companies are very appreciating foreign workers in the field of law. Foreign workers are given a high quality of education and in Kuwait company you are able to get a high position with high wages.

A legal counsel is a specialist in the management of legal work at the enterprise.

Job responsibilities:

The legal adviser participates in drafting contracts, approves their texts, as well as the texts of protocols of disagreements, organizes, and sometimes directly conducts claims work, prepares materials and acts in arbitration on pre-contractual disputes, etc. He conducts active organizational work, which can be called active counseling. His task – through recommendations, advice, preparation of proposals, etc. to promote the wide use of legal norms, means to increase the efficiency of all parts of the organization.

The legal adviser is called to minimize the very possibility of conflict cases, to prevent possible violations in the organization. A specialist in this field must have the art of establishing business contacts, the ability to persuade, justify and prove their point of view. Literate, clear, logical language is a professionally important quality of legal counsel. Equally important for him is the ability to submit written texts of different structure and purpose (eg, contracts). A related profession is a notary.

  1.     The last job vacancy we will look through is a Credit Risk Analyst.

Lending is central to the banking business, it is a source of both the main profits of the bank and the most characteristic credit risk. The purpose is to find ways to make rational management decisions at a certain level of credit risk.

A necessary condition for making an informed decision on the issuance of loans is a credit risk assessment. This is required of such specialists.

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