Things to Know Before Getting Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a convenient option if you want to get rid of unwanted body hairs. Waxing might be an option, but it’s too painful. It also doesn’t guarantee that the hairs won’t grow back soon. If you shave, it’s also painful. It could even lead to cuts and bruises. Despite the cost of laser hair removal, it’s worth getting. Before you do so, these are the things you have to remember. 

It’s not as painful as you think

You might have an incorrect notion that the laser removal process is painful. The truth is that it’s a non-invasive procedure. You don’t need anaesthetic to get it done. The people handling the tasks are experts, and they know how to use the equipment well. It’s painless, and it will be over quickly. 

You need to be patient to see the results

It could take a couple of sessions before you see long-lasting results. Usually, you need six to nine sessions. The good thing is that most laser hair removal clinics offer package deals. It means that the amount you pay will cover the entire costs. The growth of follicles varies from one person to another. You have to wait and see the best results.

You don’t need to grow your hair

If you wax or shave, you might have to grow your hair first. For waxing, it will be difficult when the hairs are still short. For shaving, you might experience cuts, especially if you go against the direction of your hair growth. It would help if you decided when to remove the hairs to avoid wounds and bruises. For laser, you can do it any time. If the hairs are long, the person handling the job will cut them first before starting the procedure. It makes the job easier. 

One session is quick

Apart from getting an appointment quickly, one session will only take about 20 minutes. You can even have one during your office lunch break and still get back to work on time. You don’t have to suspend all your plans just to get the hair removed. The only problem is that you need to go again for another session. You can’t have the procedure in consecutive days, to avoid skin irritation.

You have to avoid the sun for a while

You can’t immediately go to the beach after the procedure. It might have adverse effects on your skin. Reschedule your trip to the beach until all your laser sessions are over. Apart from the primary procedure, you might also need post-procedure skin care products. You can’t use them and have sun exposure at the same time. 

Now that you know these ideas, it’s time to schedule an appointment. Look for the best clinic offering laser hair removal in London to do the job. You can also compare the prices first. If the cost seems too good to be true, you need other choices. Find one that has positive reviews and recommendations from previous patients who tried the service.

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