Last-Minute Advice For PSAT Tests

Last-Minute Advice For PSAT Tests

One of the most important things to remember about test day is that it will surely come. With PSAT, you simply cannot delay the test, as you can with the SAT. Whenever there are around 3 weeks left, it is time to speed up everything. The following last-minute tips will help you to do your best and get better results. 

Take Practice Tests

You are surely taking a PSAT prep course but you also need to take a proper practice test. This means a full-length test will help you to quickly judge where you stand right now. 

At the very least, the practice test will help you to become familiar with instructions, together with what they actually mean. Your confidence will be boosted and you will end up losing less time during test day as you try to decipher what you actually have to do. 

Use the practice tests to figure out what question types to expect. See what the wording and styling are. Also, see if some patterns appear. You will then be able to figure out where extra attention is needed in your preparation. 

Drill The Official Questions

It is very important to drill actual PSAT questions. This shows you exactly where there are some difficulties you will surely end up facing. With these questions, both quantity and quality matter. Dissect everything that goes wrong as mistakes appear and go through the more difficult problems several times. This develops a routine that will help you so much more than you initially think. 


You will need to read a lot. And it is never too late to read more. You will have to read a lot as you go through the Writing and Language Test and the Reading Test. Becoming comfortable with several text types helps you to excel during the exam. 

Because of the fact that the focus is put on the test, it is recommended to read things that you are unfamiliar with and that might make you uncomfortable. This helps the brain to develop brand new connections. You will then become better at dissecting text, which is a very big part of the PSAT. 

Always read critically and attentively. 

Review Your Basic Grammar

The basic grammar rules have to be mastered. You will not go well if you just guess. So many common errors are made by us every single day. Some of these errors do sound correct but they are not. You can expect to meet many of them in tests. 

The good news is that there are only a few concepts that will be tested during the PSAT Writing and Language TEST. It is very easy and fast to cover all the important ones. With just a few hours of thorough review, your score will be improved. 

Become Comfortable With Math Tools

The last tip that you should know is that you should review formulas you have to know during the test. They need to be memorized. You will have some in the test booklet. The problem is they are useless if you do not properly recognize them. As a result, you have to become familiar with them right now.

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