Lenovo ThinkStation P360 Extremely crams 16 CPU cores and a GPU into a very small desktop

Lenovo ThinkStation P360 Extremely crams 16 CPU cores and a GPU into a very small desktop


Lenovo's P360 Ultra is a mini-workstation with a lot of power.
Enlarge / Lenovo’s P360 Ultra is a mini-workstation with a lot of electric power.


You may hardly ever obtain a substantial-conclude workstation or a gaming Pc that’s rather as smaller as Intel’s original NUC lineup, but there are possibilities if you want a little but significant-effectiveness desktop. Just one of people is Lenovo’s new ThinkStation P360 Extremely, a mini desktop that crams Intel’s 12th-generation Alder Lake desktop CPUs, Nvidia RTX A2000 and A5000 GPUs with up to 16GB of VRAM, and a surprising sum of expandability into a smaller enclosure that is just 3.9 liters in quantity.

The ThinkStation has lots of ports for a procedure its size, with a total of seven DisplayPort outputs in back again (three entire-measurement ports wired to the built-in Intel GPU, and four mini DisplayPorts related to the focused GPU), a person 2.5Gbps Ethernet port, another 1Gbps Ethernet port, and 4 rear USB-A ports on the back. On the entrance you can come across a headphone jack, yet another USB-A port, and a pair of Thunderbolt 4 ports.

The P360 Ultra's port selection is a lot like what you'd get in a good mini ITX motherboard, including lots of display outputs from both the integrated and dedicated GPUs.
Enlarge / The P360 Ultra’s port assortment is a lot like what you’d get in a good mini ITX motherboard, which include lots of screen outputs from equally the integrated and devoted GPUs.


Inner expandability is good, far too. The ThinkStation can suit a complete of two M.2 SSDs and a one 2.5-inch difficult push or SSD and up to 4 DDR5 RAM modules. The 12GB RTX A2000 GPU alternative really should accomplish somewhere in concerning an RTX 3050 and an RTX 3060, even though the RTX A5000 mobile GPU need to carry out additional like the notebook version of the RTX 3080 GPU. Lenovo gives Alder Lake CPUs from the quad-main Core i3 all the way up to a Main i9 with a overall of 16 cores (eight P-cores and eight E-cores—our CPU testimonials clearly show the positive aspects of these scaled-down cores for workloads that distribute perfectly throughout quite a few CPU cores).

The P360 is lesser than higher-effectiveness mini PCs like Intel’s NUC 12 Serious, which also utilizes 12th-gen Alder Lake CPUs with up to 16 cores—the NUC measures 14.1×7.4×4.7 inches, whilst the ThinkStation is just 8.7×7.9×3.4 inches. But the NUC does have the gain of working with a common PCI Specific slot with a GPU that can be upgraded a few decades down the line, however its smaller measurement will frequently restrict you to bodily lesser GPUs than you can use in a comprehensive-dimension desktop or a roomier mini ITX Computer system develop. The ThinkStation does appear to use detachable GPU modules, but making use of a proprietary connector—whether upgrades are possible down the line depends on irrespective of whether Lenovo offers much more GPUs this way in the foreseeable future and whether it provides them as updates relatively than simply such as them in more recent PCs.

The P360 Ultra with keyboard, mouse, and monitor for scale.
Enlarge / The P360 Ultra with keyboard, mouse, and watch for scale.


Hope to pay out a good deal of cash for the most strong configurations of the P360 Extremely. The Pc will begin at $1,299 later this month, but that configuration will probable contain a quad-core Main i3 CPU and built-in graphics. If which is all the electricity you need, the P360 Extremely is really a bit significant—the system’s dimension only gets to be impressive when you have additional focused graphics and a beefier processor.

We also never know no matter whether (or how significantly) the P360 Ultra’s CPU or GPU will be constrained by power or heat limitations—the method tops out at a 300 W power provide, which is less energy than a substantial-end desktop GPU like the RT 3080 or 3090 can eat all by by itself. In other phrases, a greater process will nevertheless be able of allowing its factors run more rapidly for longer.

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