Let’s Understand Board Shorts for Men

Let’s Understand Board Shorts for Men

Explore online stores and you will find men’s boardshorts in countless styles. So, whether you prefer wearing prints or you need boardshorts for men for performance, you should be aware of different styles. Features and styles of men’s boardshorts may leave you confused. This style of swimwear is ideal for you whether you are a new swimmer or an experienced surfer. The choice of swimwear depends on its primary use. You may want features like stretch factor, fly closure or quick-drying material. Let’s learn what you have to consider to decide the right type of men’s boardshorts for you. 

For a swimmer 

When you are playing in a pool or at the beach, this is the men boardshorts style to sport. If you are into competitive surfing or just want to go surfing then look for men’s boardshorts that bring features like secure fly, slack fit and soft fabrics. This is much better than traditional trunks. The fabric is very comfortable and makes swimming easy. Go for a durable fabric that dries quickly. Stretch fabric men’s boardshorts are very common. However, stretch fabrics are not necessary on a casual beach day. If you want to enjoy beach volleyball, Velcro is not ideal. Get boardshorts with an elastic waist. Your shorts stay in place even when you are playing hard. You can also keep your house or car keys in secure Velcro pockets of boardies.         

For a surfer 

Whether you are a novice surfer or a professional one, your board and boardshorts are equally important. When you are surfing, it’s normal to worry about what you are wearing. It is good to have a piece of clothing made from a durable fabric that lasts longer. Go for longer boardshorts that are looser in the leg. The board wax does not cause any irritation to your skin and hair when you are balancing on the board. Four-way stretch shorts are ideal for an avid rider. The fabric of these shorts stretches both lengthwise and crosswise. There are no restrictions to your performance on the waves. You don’t want your shorts to wander when you wipe out. Therefore, opt for boardshorts with both Velcro and lace-up fly.

For a versatile swimmer

After swimming on the shore or riding the waves, you take a break to enjoy lunch with your friends. You don’t have to carry any extra clothes when you have hybrid shorts. These shorts are styled like regular shorts and function like boardshorts. You can call them Submersible, Amphibian, Amphibious, Hydroslambozo, Land to Sea shorts or Surf N Turf. These boardshorts look like your regular shorts. However, they are made using water repellent fabrics. Therefore, they dry quickly and also very comfortable to wear when you are not in the water. You can keep your extras in secure-close files and pockets of your boardshorts.       

For Lifeguarding

If you are there to keep surfers and swimmers safe then you must have the right gear to do your job safely, conveniently and comfortably. Most lifeguard boardies are red. This color is associated with help and also very easy to spot. You may dislike the color and patterns of mens boardshorts for lifeguards, but a surfer or swimmer who is in trouble can easily spot a lifeguard. These boardshorts contain guard logos. Lifeguards can keep the things they need in their pockets. 

For Style 

Men’s boardshorts are not only for surfers, swimmers and lifeguards. Surf-inspired designs, comfortable fabrics and bright colors are very fashionable. Boardshorts come in different lengths, styles and patterns. Summer is the best time to shop from a range of cool designs.  



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