Letters, July 11: ‘C’mon Grits, you can turf the leader, too’

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Disgraced British Primary Minister Boris Johnson has resigned following his personal bash customers revolted against him. Considering that Johnson’s scandals pale in comparison to Canadian Key Minister Justin Trudeau’s awful misdeeds, why doesn’t the federal Liberal Occasion, which involves pseudo NDP Chief Jagmeet Singh, do the right factor and force him to resign? By enabling him to make a mockery of Canadian democracy, they are as culpable as he is. Disgrace on all of them!
(For the reason that they are gutless sheep who worship their leader.)

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Spot, Location …
Re: Federal government data files to Supreme Court docket for enchantment of Alberta Court docket choice surrounding ‘No Extra Pipelines’ law. The federal governing administration would be whistling a diverse tune if these Alberta oilsands have been located in northern Ontario and Quebec alternatively.
(No dilemma.)

Who in the metropolis of Calgary believes ratepayers will not bear the complete $87-billion charge of this local weather boondoggle? If we’re going Dutch on this date, who’s covering the other fifty percent of the invoice, or is it 25% of the bill, or just 10%. Each and every other politician on the planet is saying the very same factor, so who are the phantoms covering the element that I’m not having to pay? Ward 5 Coun. Ran Dhaliwal stated, “It’s a choice driven by profound psychological realization and worry for long run generations.” I agree 200%. Upcoming generations are the kinds footing this bill, just like their grandchildren and their grandchildren will be performing, and guess what, the local climate will nevertheless be altering.
(Head-numbingly obvious.)

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Re: “Liberal nobodies cower right before Trudeau,” July 8 Sunlight editorial. Gulag historian Alexander Solzhenitsyn recounts how dictator Josef Stalin paused in a speech he was providing to a desperately sycophantic delegation of fellow comrades to permit for a standing ovation. One that went on and on, since no delegate wished to be witnessed as the first to quit applauding. When it will come to Justin Trudeau, the applause from the rank and file diehard Libs is a large amount more muted presently. There is small to cheer in excess of, after all. But really should the PM announce his final decision to action absent, to retire from politics, I’m self-assured he’ll get a standing ovation, way too, brought on by a huge sigh of relief running proper throughout the breadth of our reasonable dominion.
(Beware his No. 2, peas in a pod.)

Let us Observe Fit
Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigns as a mass exodus of British Conservative MPs concern his integrity in excess of the regular lies and scandals. I question if Canada’s Liberal MPs will have the same spine and guts to stand up and call for Trudeau’s resignation. Trudeau has lied, lied all over again and lied some extra. The place is the integrity and the bravery of sitting Liberal MPs and demand that Trudeau do the very same and resign.
(Challenging to escape a cult …)

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