Letters, July 13: ‘It’s OK, other taxpayers will help with the cost’

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I find it unusual that our mayor seems to think that Calgarians will only pay municipal tax on the $87-billion climate plan. Does she not understand that all of us great unwashed also pay provincial and federal taxes, too. We need to stand up if we will ever be taken seriously.

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Another councillor playing fast and loose with conduct and rules for his own gain, while he preaches to us minions in the city. What he did could be compared to insider trading. The least he deserves is losing his job, not being excluded from committee work.
(Nothing he says will ever be taken seriously again. It’s go time!)

I see we had a couple of yahoos in Calgary over the weekend for Stampede, the only Lieberal MP in Alberta and little potato head. I thought we had a rat patrol in Alberta, guess they missed those two. The Globe and Mail said that sockboy was mobbed by supporters. Didn’t know that there was any more than five Liberals in Calgary. Do us a favour, Trudeau, stay out of Alberta, you are persona non grata here!
(It’s always a weird sight in Calgary when Liberals gather.)

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Having enjoyed the chuckwagon races for over 50 years, I really looked forward to watching the return. I watched night one and was not impressed. I then thought I should give them one more chance and just watched them again. What a disappointment. No excitement anymore. Just blah races. Might as well start them on a straight line and run straight for a quarter mile. Calgary has a big, wide track, three wagons and two outriders per wagon just doesn’t cut it. The fake foam rods sticking out from the edge of the track don’t help either. Calgary Stampede board, it is time you stood up to the animal rights activists from B.C. and tell them where to go!
(Up to chucks fans to let Stampede know what they think of the changes.)

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I see Prime Minister Justin Trudeau showed up for a free Stampede breakfast photo op. I wonder how much that cost the Canadian taxpayers? I guess he didn’t get the message that here in Cowtown we like horses, not jackasses.
(He’s as stubborn as a mule.)

Please, please, would some of the media stop giving our PM credit and applause for making an appearance at the Calgary Stampede. It was a photo-op while he continues to throttle Alberta’s economy. It was a trip in his private jet to a city that has declared an $87-billion “climate emergency”. It is a façade that he feels he needs to continually maintain to disguise all his lies, motives and hidden agendas. We have the ways and means to be rid of him, the Liberals and Jagmeet Singh!
(We’re not applauding. In fact, we wish all politicians would stay away from Stampede. It’s quite sickening.)


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