Letters, July 2: ‘Alberta, we can’t afford to waste another oil boom’

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Allegedly the Alberta government is forecasting a $10-billion surplus this year. I therefore have three recommendations. One: quit trying to buy votes by tripping over yourselves looking for ways to spend the surplus. Two: Put 20% of the surplus into the Heritage Trust Fund and immediately stop raiding the fund’s annual earnings and moving those earnings into general revenue. Three: In case you politidiots haven’t noticed, interest rates are rising rapidly so pay down the province’s damn debt!
(You mean don’t squander another boom?)

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Re: ‘ROCKETING RENT’. Rent control is a must under any circumstances. It is paramount in a scrupulous society. If you don’t, a great many more will end up homeless as they cannot keep up with these outrageous rent increases. The homelessness, in many instances, is created by the consequences of the unprincipled. It’s a concept that any intelligent person must comprehend.
(We’re all paying through the nose for everything these days. It is not sustainable.)

Boy, one has to wonder how your editors choose letters they publish. The comments people make are very seldom borne out by actual facts and often border on the ridiculous, yet you merrily publish them anyway. (Recently) one individual wrote about Michelle Rempel having “millions” of dollars. Unless this guy has access to her bank information, how would he know how much money she has. Why not at the very least try to publish content that makes sense rather than a lot of nonsensical blather that just makes Albertans look exactly like Eastern Canadians seem to think we are. For goodness sake, smarten up.
(We don’t run ‘nonsensical blather’ but the sentiments of real folks, sometimes flawed but corrected as we see fit.)

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I am dreadfully tired of Justin Trudeau’s Canada. Our once-great country has been divided, slimed and mismanaged since 2015. It appears everything that the feds touch will be tainted. Ordinary functions of day-to-day governing are beyond the scope of this crew. Any institution that this PM has dealings with will no doubt come away tainted with a corrupt stench. Lying has been brought to a new level, with no accountability in sight. Our rights and constitution are under constant attack from these Liberals who “always have our backs”. Happy Birthday, Canada, there may not be many more if this jackass stays in power.
(Our fearless leader.)

With the price of oil today, anybody with half a brain can bring Alberta’s finances back in the black. Travis Toews gives himself credit for being the saviour and master finance minister for our province during these heady days of oil. This is the kind of arrogant political elitism Alberta doesn’t need anymore. The real challenge is finding a leader who will fight the Liberals on all their policies and Toews is not that guy.
(We should all be so lucky as to see our bank balance balloon like Alberta’s during a boom.)

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This is what our taxpayer dollars are being used for, the Bubblehead and BoJo show? If all they have to talk about is the size of their ‘planes’ or taking off their shirts to show their flab (muscles?), then we’re in real serious trouble! Now the Mother Corp aka CBC is calling a float depicting sockboy and his girlfriend in a manure spreader as racist, when it is a real and true political statement from real Canadians. Sorry Mr. Letters editor, you are totally out to lunch with your leftist ‘woke’ views on the float, this is how the majority of true Canadians view our sad, sorry excuse of a ‘dear leader’. You and the rest of Postmedia need to get with the program and start reporting the news in a professional and unbiased manner like in the good old days, you know before BLM, Antifa, etc. One more thing, I bet you won’t print this because it doesn’t meet your poor excuse for journalism standards.
(You’re right about it not reaching any journalistic standards, but here you are …)

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The report headlined “10 linked with huge fentanyl lab” appears on Page 8 in the June 30 Calgary Sun. A related story, titled “Alberta records 115 drug poising deaths in April,” meanwhile, shows up on Page 12. Given the causal relationship between the events that were described in the two news items, I would’ve thought having them side by side on the same page would have made a lot more sense. Taken together, they would’ve highlighted the often fatal harm done to our communities by dealers selling hard drugs. In other drug-related news, Ottawa has said it will allow residents of B.C. to indulge in hard drugs in modest amounts on a personal basis without fear of legal sanctions. Dysfunctional or what!
(Story packaging aside, it’s a complex issue with no clear and obvious solutions.)

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I agree with Bianca Andreescu’s comments about TSN. I spent at least an hour looking for her after TSN broadcast she would be coming up after the earliest of the Canadian male matches. I would also say that I do not like the biased Canadian commentary of these network channels when they are Canadian, nor do I like the biased American commentary when they are ESPN or NBC or whatever. Give me a break. I am an extremely expensive paying cable customer and I truly need choice and selection in what I watch.
(Pretty sure every country’s commentators are biased towards their athletes.)


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