Letters, July 6: Time to merge faculty boards

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There was an intriguing piece in the Sun about the instruction procedure in Alberta, the have to have for elevated funding and the likelihood of bigger class dimensions subsequent year. In the 20 or so yrs I have lived listed here looks to me there has been a never ever-ending plea from educators, leftie politicians and the teachers’ union for much more and more income for the instruction process. One particular has to surprise why the Alberta government has by no means assumed of amalgamating the Catholic and public faculty systems as Brian Tobin did in Newfoundland. Wouldn’t such a transfer save sizeable fees and eliminate duplication in so many places? The Catholic church would scream blue murder and promptly carry out their lawyers to sue the government (as they did in Newfoundland). But a reasonable and higher than-board referendum may possibly help a adjust and if the general public did not concur then so be it.
(Now that there is a surplus, every person would like extra dollars.)

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Plenty of, RACHEL
Re: NDP phone calls for motion as consumer confidence plunges, inflation soars in Alberta. Looks Rachel Notley and the NDP are very eager to pin the blame for soaring inflation on the UCP government. Notley requirements to hook up the dots and notice that soaring inflation is primarily on a federal authorities amount. Subsequently, possessing a domino influence in all locations of the Canadian landscape and not just in the province of Alberta. Didn’t Justin Trudeau mention the spending plan will function by itself out, back in 2015? Right here we are in 2022 and the primary minister probably thinks that the soaring inflation will get the job done by itself out as perfectly — aspiration on!
(The NDs usually check out totally any angle for political gain. Tiresome.)

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With regards to Air Canada and flight cancellations. Air Canada is shedding dollars on fuel charges but they will get paid interest on the dollars they have been currently offered to e-book flights and just present flight alterations or credits which new prices will be inflated to address gas. So we will have to pay extra to modify flights if we don’t like the kinds that they provided. Deficiency of team is also boosting their base line. Firms say it‘s only business, which impacts the people today seeking to get residence just after 2½ decades of COVID. And they are not just vacationing.
(These are challenging and problematic instances in the airline business, and travellers are struggling.)

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It is time that politicians stopped politically campaigning on an ideology that they believe that voters want to listen to and, when elected, they then expose themselves by a reversal of their program, stating a previously silent agenda, or they crack claims, or they are in constant denial of any wrongdoing. It is time for politicians to run on leadership abilities and skills that display voters that they can consider a country in which it wishes to go. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who came from comedy and Tv, not from drama, which seems to be the favourite genre of our PM, demonstrates a lot more guts and management than our PM. It has been a long time considering the fact that the globe has witnessed the likes of Winston Churchill or Margaret Thatcher on the planet stage. Definitely not in Canada.
(Unquestionably not.)

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Re: “Let builders pay back,” letter, July 5. Thieving cash from the community purse is now a absolutely free-for-all. It occurs on every single political stage. That is why it gets so significantly far more important that we elect the last handful of leaders, which continue to possess some integrity and goodwill, to act on our behalf. Provincially vote for Danielle Smith, and federally vote for Pierre Poilievre. And get rid of Jyoti Gondek, as soon as feasible.
(We have generally explained you get what you vote for.)

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