Letters to the Editor, July 5, 2022

Warren Kinsella’s ignorant rant concerning Roe v. Wade created me gag (“Yanks courting catastrophe,” June 30). Chretien spin-master Kinsella does not recognize the U.S. Structure or judicial priority. By his silly reasoning, the Supreme Courtroom should really by no means have overturned segregation legal guidelines. Abortion is delegated to the states. Abortion right up until birth will nevertheless be allowed in some states and a myriad of limits in other people. Warren’s a purveyor of liberal misinformation!

R. Davis


(There are so many interpretations of the selection, with superior emotion on all sides)

A Various Point of view  

Warren Kinsella is unquestionably suitable (“Yanks courting disaster,” June 30). You are not able to have a Supreme Court offering laws again to person states. Just due to the fact an unique state can make a decision on capital punishment, abortion is diverse. Apparently, up to the working day of start, the federal governing administration claims you can abort. In the U.S.A., if an individual murders an expectant mother, and she dies alongside with her unborn youngster, it is considered as two murders. As Kinsella thinks our method is significantly fairer, our Supreme Court says it is unjust to give a 5-12 months sentence for possession of an unlawful firearm. It did not seem to be to make a difference it was launched by a prime minister and handed legislation. In the last several months, this exact same unelected body has determined that a criminal can only get one particular lifestyle sentence no make any difference how lots of people this just one specific kills. Will make best perception to me. It is undesirable to give legal rights back again to particular person members. It is usually fantastic when Democrats/Liberals want federal government and judges to make your mind up what procedures we have to are living less than and obey. As prolonged as they can maintain supreme handle, they are joyful. They definitely think we are that foolish that we really do not see the power that they cherish.

Elliott Tavens


(Which is part of the challenge when legislators will not legislate)

Drained OF IT

The headlines go through: “Security restricted in Ottawa as protesters arrive for Canada Working day.” What does that explain to us? Canadians apologize: We don’t riot around every little point. So what’s transpired in excess of the earlier two years to necessitate this sort of preparations? Could it be that our prime minister has appreciated a taste of dictatorship though cavorting with his G7 friends, and now fears receiving a taste of previous college defiance? Possibly we have developed worn out of Trudeau’s sunny means and woke nonsense “while Rome burns.”

Tim Conway


(Trudeau and his Liberals have spent the final two several years title contacting distinctive segments of our population racists and sexists)


Re “Poilievre unfit for large public office” (Warren Kinsella, July 3): Jean Chretien ran to be key minister of Canada and promised to scrap the GST. On currently being elected, he reneged on his campaign guarantee. Should he have been disqualified from holding a large general public place of work? Kinsella typically sings the praises of his previous boss, Chretien. Kinsella is important of almost every other politician, but passes more than Chretien’s failures this kind of as the GST and the sponsorship scandal.

Rick Hird


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