Letters to the Editor, July 6, 2022

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I’d like to share this knowledge of mine with your readers. I am a 71-yr-aged Chinese immigrant, in this article considering that 1971. I went to a McDonald’s drive-through to choose up breakfast at Don Mills and Eglinton, served by a girl in a hijab. I was so really touched when she wished me Satisfied Canada Working day. Makes me feel so happy to be a Canadian, such a great multicultural culture, and I am so very pleased to be a Canadian! Thank you, Canada.

(Most Canadians have a similar expertise. The issue we have is often our governments are the kinds that are liable for dividing us)

I would like to thank the Royal Canadian Legion, Port Perry, Ont., the Town of Port Perry, and the folks who showed up for the Canada Day parade. I would also like to give a large shout-out to the folks that donated their time and vehicles to drive us veterans in the parade on Canada Day. As the title suggests, the parade experienced veterans in Corvettes, in addition a number of basic cars. I was really honoured to be section of the parade. Thank you all over again for inviting me, I carefully enjoyed myself.

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President, NATO Veterans Group of Canada, Durham #7

Sergeant-at-Arms, Whitby Legion

(Thank you for sharing, and many thanks to all for their provider)

Re “Riding the rails” (Liz Braun, July 5): Thank you, Toronto Sun, for your aid in pinpointing these two idiots. Despite the fact that there appears to be no identifying features in your screenshot from YouTube, the police can basically check with for assistance from newspaper sellers throughout the GTA. They will just request that any seller report aspects of any person getting 10 or extra copies of this version. This is the variety of publicity these two were looking for, and definitely they will obtain many copies for their buddies and kinfolk.

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(If it sells some extra papers, then there is an upside. That claimed, it doesn’t diminish the stupidity they shown)

Re “Riding the rails” (Liz Braun, July 5): That’s a wonderful photo you ran of the two Harvard grads using the major of the subway. I doubt there will be any copycats. When someone runs onto the subject all through a activity, baseball and soccer broadcasts stopped placing the digicam on them years ago. Any strategy why? You may well advise this may possibly be a way of receiving these surfers recognized, but that will materialize the usual way — when they brag to so quite a few friends and fail to remember about the a person that doesn’t especially treatment for them.

(The police will do what their occupation and bust them. And this might not be a tale you like,  but it is in the general public desire to know what is heading on)

Reading through the July 2 Toronto Sunshine, I saw an advert relating to the cable merger. This is how it should go through: A Liberal/NDP merger will lead to less levels of competition … substantial layoffs, and higher rates. The merger will only support Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Celebration of Canada, and not everyday Canadians. Eliminate the offer — not the region!

(The Liberals and NDP are nonetheless striving to encourage us this is not a match created in hell)

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