Lock and Loaded: 5 of the Best Mobile Games to Play at Home

Mobile Games

Aside from watching movies or reading books to pass the time during quarantine, you may want to play mobile games. Even though most people would rather play games on their consoles or PC, not everyone has a PS4, Xbox, or a powerful gaming rig. Playing on mobile makes for more connections with friends, family, and a deeper player pool to add. 

Contrary to most beliefs that mobile gaming is for casual gamers, there are lots of games for those who are in the long haul. Games like Dota, Counterstrike, and other team-oriented multiplayer games are always getting the spotlight when it comes to tournaments and viewership. Today, mobile games are also starting to get recognition and gaining a significant following on almost every social media platform. 

With that said, here are some of the best mobile games you can play while we wait for this lockdown to finish. Hopefully, you’ll still play these games even when the quarantine is over. Without further ado, here they are:


Most of the time, classic games are often seeing a resurgence on the mobile platform. For example, you can now play classic console games such as Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog on your mobile phone with the help of an emulator.

Speaking of remakes, one of the best rhythm games in the past is Dance Dance Revolution. Rhythm games are perfect for the mobile platform. Although it’s not an official remake, BeatX is the ideal copy of Dance Dance Revolution. With over 100 songs to swipe, tap, and slide, BeatX is one of the best mobile games that help you get over boredom during the quarantine.

PUBG Mobile

A lot of gamers welcomed the battle royale genre when PUBG on PC was released. Although not officially credited with being the first battle royale game, PUBG certainly made waves through its addictive gameplay and excitement. The clamor was too much to contain only on the PC and console. The noise eventually led to PUBG being released on the mobile platform. Today, PUBG mobile is a must-have for every best-of list when it comes to mobile games.

Although the mobile version of PUBG is a much lighter port of the PC version, it retains its overall fun. There are some features in the mobile version that PC players may want to have. One of these features is the auto-loot component. Players who are new to PUBG mobile may find this feature useful, especially if they don’t know the myriad of attachments available in the game. 

Another cool feature that the mobile version has is the aim assist. Let’s face it; players are more accurate when it comes to playing shooters on the PC. On the mobile phone, however, there are a ton of factors why players will have a hard time hitting targets. 

To address that issue, aim assist is a welcome feature for every mobile shooter game. To put it simply, aim assist is kind of like a weak magnet that slightly increases a mobile player’s accuracy when firing shots. PC players drool at this feature because aim assist is considered cheating in most PC versions of a shooter.

Again, remakes are always a welcome addition to the mobile platform. If you were addicted to Nokia’s Snake game on their mobile phones in the past, you’d be glad to know that the company is back with their souped-up version of the game for smartphones. 

Enter, a game that plays just like Snake but with a new twist. Instead of avoiding the walls, you have to maneuver your way around other player’s snakes carefully. There’s also a new feature that gets your competitiveness to the maximum. This feature is the player kill feature, which allows longer and bigger snakes to eat smaller, weaker snakes. 

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Just like PUBG on PC, a lot of people went crazy when Plants vs. Zombies was released on the PC. The demand for a mobile version was heard, and developer Popcap Games released a mobile version of its sequel, Plants vs. Zombies 2. 

Although the sequel mostly retains the same gameplay from the previous installment, players are now allowed to play levels in other worlds. Playing in other worlds ups the difficulty and adds specific parameters to win. 

Dumb Ways to Die 2

Coming off from its success from the original Dumb Ways to Die game on mobile comes Dumb Ways to Die 2. The game is simple but very addictive. Although the first game was considerably shorter, increased difficulties made it more challenging. 

With this sequel, there are more characters to unlock, more games to play, and more areas to visit. The difficulty aspect still remains, and the increased character count only makes you want to try harder to save everyone.


While you’re waiting for the pandemic to die down, try playing Best Idle Games for a change. Mobile games are fun and addictive. Compared to PC and console games, mobile games have a deeper player pool, which only adds to the fun. 

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