How To Look Presentable As A Businessman?

How To Look Presentable As A Businessman

As a businessman, how you look, present, and carry yourself could determine your business’s success. The way you do these things would influence how other people perceive you and hence dictate the degree of reverence to accord you and your business. A careless look bordering on shabbiness would serve to take away much of the admiration that anyone would have had for you.

Therefore, some form of elegance and flair is vital in enhancing your presentability to not only your prospective clients but also the general public by extension. You don’t need to garb yourself in the most over-the-top expensive attires or don the most luxurious accessories to be noticed as an elegant and presentable entrepreneur. Just some subtle elegance in your presentation would do just fine. So how do you look presentable as a businessman?

Be comfortable in what you dress in to look great in any attire; you have to be comfortable dressed in it. You wouldn’t look graceful, struggling to stay in a piece of outfit that you do not feel comfortable in. such include too tight clothing, saggy clothes, and any outfits that restrain your ease of movement. The same would apply to the shoes that you invest in. These should not only be the ideal kind to enhance your presentability and candle enough for you to briskly strut in whenever you are meeting your peers and clientele. The outfit must undoubtedly be in classic and neutral colors and without many colorful and daunting details or prints.

  • Accessorize; invest in a good watch and perhaps some jewelry.

These are important in that they enhance your look and speak volumes about your attitude with regards to everyday doings such as observance of time. When it comes to investing in jewelry, they should not be the overly shiny huge types of trinkets but rather the kind that is noticeably elegant in a restrained way. The watch should also not necessarily be so luxurious. As they say, simple is always good.

  • Business cards and card cases are a must-have.

Business cards are nowadays an essential necessity. They contain all the information that a client would want about how to find you, what you deal in, and a lot more. Linen business cards stand out in this case. These cards are simple yet refined and professional. They are artistic, uniquely textured, eye-catching, and stand out without necessarily calling attention to themselves. These should be coupled with a smart-looking card holder for keeping not just your business cards but also your other cards such as ATMs.

  • Grooming is key

This should go hand-in-hand with the dressing. You wouldn’t want to be caught in a situation where you are smartly dressed for a business meeting, but your nails are so long, your facial hair is unkempt, and the hair on your head is untidy. Although nowadays, hair trends are changing, and many traditionally shunned are being embraced, it is always better to play it safe. The hairstyles should therefore be those that are presentably recommended. Invest also in grooming products as some cologne that doesn’t overwhelm those with who you interact with.


A look and poise that are professional are only achieved by the way you realize the earlier stated factors and add others more, including; but not limited to the way you carry yourself, how you socialize and interact with your peers and clients, and the way you respond to their wants. Different people will have their own first-hand opinions about you and your professional capabilities, just based on how they first see you. So it is better to give them an excellent first impression.

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