Contemporary Yet Minimalist Look With a Full-Length Mirror

Contemporary Yet Minimalist Look With a Full-Length Mirror


Besides giving you a gorgeous face or an outfit look, full-length mirrors in Singapore have been highly trending for many other reasons as well. They are now counted as the ultimate piece of statement for any room. One can easily lean on a huge classic round mirror in their bedroom corner or just in the hallway to make it look more spacious. In simple words, even when a bathroom mirror is tucked away from the sink, it can open up the small space well.

For your decor inspiration in 2021, today, we have put together some of the best ways to use these large style mirrors in your home. Whether you have a small room or a huge one to redesign, these ideas will surely inspire you to experiment more. So, let’s get started! 

  • Bringing in That Contemporary View 

Where wall vanity mirrors are also in trend, full-length mirrors are also considered contemporary for bedrooms. Placing them next to the dresser sounds nimbly balances the room-scale and turns out to be more convenient. If you are focusing more on working with white, black, or gray furnishings, consider a mirror with a thin black frame. Now, see that space looking bigger! 

  • Doubling Up Can Bring a Big Difference 

Imagine that boring white wall mounted with a full-length mirror or even on both sides of the bed. Certainly, this will give more of a modern and chic look to your bedroom mirror area while making space look more decorated. How about placing on a pair of matching mirrors and not mismatching will let you end up with a cohesive look. Professional interior designers and architects most likely recommend going with some of the best full-length mirrors in Singapore with rounded edges as they soften the whole space. 

  • Give Thought to Something Architectural. 

A uniquely shaped round mirror can actually bring an architectural element to any space. For instance, an arched design or a classic sleek bathroom mirror in a bigger size can offer a strong silhouette with that sculpurtual touch. Experts always recommend not being afraid of trying bold shapes to add more purpose and practicality. 

  • Having That Streamlined Appeal

You can always use an intact vanity mirror as a backdrop, over near the cane chair, or alongside the tall leafy ornamental plant. Every interior design degree holder would advise that it is basically a chic way to create that vignette look in a spacious bedroom and keep the look more uncluttered and perfectly styled. A quick tip to know: Arched mirrors always look cool with circular shapes, round pillows, and geometric patterns. 

  • Try a Rustic Outlook 

Just simply think of mirrors as finishing touches that can evenly plump the style of the room. A classic and sleek round mirror in that rustic farmhouse living space will be an accent piece. While filling the stark corner, it will give extension to the rest of the area. Make sure that it is big enough to capture other decor items and furnishings in the reflection.

So what’s your favorite pick on layering mirrors that echo the palette of your home? Let us know in the comments; we’d love to hear from you.


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