Looking to Buy an Inverter? Here’s All You Should Keep in Mind

Looking to Buy  an Inverter? Here’s All You Should Keep in Mind

In a country like India where power cuts are the norm across most of the country; an inverter is a vital piece of equipment and is as important as having a refrigerator, an air conditioner or a television to live a comfortable life. Therefore, a higher number of consumers are investing in getting a home power backup solution to help them remain productive and comfortable during long and frequent power outages. 

Since not every inverter is the same, you need to ensure that you buy one that meets your needs and requirements and provides adequate power during an outage with no dip in performance. But, as a consumer with limited knowledge about inverters in general, how do you bring home an inverter that’s built for performance and can deliver what it promises? Most of all, how do you choose an inverter that’s just optimized for your usage and lifestyle requirements? 

Here’s all you should keep in mind while buying an inverter

Which Type of Inverter Technology is the Best?

Before buying an inverter, you need to know that you have multiple choices when it comes to its technology: 

  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter – As the name suggests, a pure sine wave inverter uses pure sine waves to convert DC (direct current) into AC (alternating current) for smooth voltage – which is used by most appliances. 
  • Modified Sine Wave Inverter – A modified sine wave inverter has the same primary function as a pure sine wave inverter. However, it can cause some interference as the waves are not as pure, which is why they are typically used for simple devices.
  • Square Wave Inverter – A square wave inverter is usually used to support household appliances and motors. However, they are less reliable compared to their counterparts. 

Out of these three choices, the pure sine wave inverter is the one you should go for even if the initial cost is a bit on the higher side. It’s because if you want an inverter that last long, provides exceptional backup and efficiently handles heavier load with a completely noiseless operation, it’s the best technology you can invest in right now. 

Keep Your Power Requirement in Mind

You need to go for an inverter that can provide adequate power to your household during outages. Therefore, always pay attention to the VA of an inverter. An inverter with 700-900 VA should more than suffice for a typical Indian household. 

Features You Should Look Out for In an Inverter

There are certain must have features in an inverter that you can’t ignore, specially so when you are aiming for the absolute best. 

  • Protection against overload, deep discharge 
  • An MCB to prevent any risk of internal short circuit
  • Smart display to show vital information
  • Completely noiseless operation
  • Should be able to support a wide range of battery types 

If your already existing inverter ticks all the right boxes, then congratulations you may already have the best inverter for your home, if not, then get home a Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Home Pure Sinewave Inverter UPS should fit the bill perfectly. 

Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Home Pure Sinewave Inverter UPS

It’s one of the best inverters under Luminous’ belt, which can support a wide range of batteries including flat plate, tubular and VRLA (SMF) and functions completely noise free. It can support a maximum bulb load of 756 watt, and thanks to its 900 VA capacity, it can easily handle a running load that includes 3 CFL, 3 Tube light, 3 Ceiling Fan, and 1 Television. 

It’s a pure sine wave inverter, which is the one of the best inverter technologies currently available and its excellent service life track record means that it can keep powering up your home for years to come. 


  • Inverter Capacity: 12 Volt, Capacity – 900VA, Max. Bulb Load – 756 watt
  • Battery Capacity: Voltage – 12 Volt, 
  • Key feature for Inverter: Sine wave inverter, Digital display, Intelligent 32-bit DSP Processor
  • Running Load: 1 Fridge (250 Litre), 1 led TV 40″, 3 fan, 2 tube light, 1 LED bulb
  • Safety: MCB for protection from Input main
  • Warranty: 24 months 

An inverter is a one-time investment we make  in a number of years; therefore, it only makes sense to invest in one that offers maximum value for our money. The Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Home Pure Sine Wave Inverter UPS is economical yet big on delivery and comes backed by luminous trust and track record of being the market leader. So, if you are thinking of getting home a new inverter, then you can bet your money on this one! 

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