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Are you guys searching for a website that provides luggage services? Then you click on the right page, because we found a perfect website that offers various luggage services. Then please check out lugless reviews on its offical website.

Now you know there is a site, but before you check on it, we must discuss its legitimacy, so there is no confusion and hesitation. So let’s get started and dig into Lugless reviews on Reddit so that you have all the information about them before checking out what to avail the best service out of it.

About Lugless Shipping Services

  • Lugless Shipping services provide luggage service to their customers. Their service offers shipping of airline baggage, skis, snowboards, boxes, golf clubs, and many more.
  • Lugless shipping aims to ease the process of checking luggage and avoid incompetence. 
  • They also have a section for customer service where customers can ask queries live to the team members allotted to them at that time. 
  • The lungless shipping company was founded in 2009. After so many years of service, the company might get popular, but it also might happen that you have never heard about this company before. So it would help if you had facts about the company before depicting its legitimacy.

Attributes of Lugless Shipping Company:

  • Domain registration date: September 29, 2009.
  • Email Id: [email protected]
  • Website link:
  • Contact Number: 800-463-3339 / 800-742-5877
  • Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
  • Services: Airline baggage, school, golf clubs, camp, snowboard, skis, etc.
  • Payment Method: Only online

Pros and Cons of Lugless Shipping Company: 


  • Many successful years of service.
  • Customer good reviews.
  • SSL integration and protected by HTTPS.
  • Strong social media game.
  • URL and Portal match each other, which is trustable.
  • Easy access to email as the domain name matches.


  • No official address on the net.
  • No return & exchange policy.
  • No refund policy.
  • COD is not available.

Is Lugless yelping for a good review?

After lots of research on Lugless shipping company, we found that they have a 4.5 rating score, and about 90% of customers have written positive reviews. So Lugless reviews yelp is a total fake comment.

Lungless has been providing such good service for so long. They are also active on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, bringing more eyes to the company and making it more popular.

Another great point is that Lugless shipping company has a standard score of 84.6% Trust rank and Alexa rank is 123,337, which basically means the website provides quality service to their customers.


As mentioned above about the Lugless shipping website, we can assure you that next time you are looking for a luggage shipping service. You can choose Lugless, which is proven legit. Lungless is a legit luggage shipping brand that makes the shipping process smooth and delivers it to your door steps in a few days without any problem. Hence prove, it has been the easiest and cheapest shipping service company since 2009.

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