A manual for maintaining the bald head

A manual for maintaining the bald head

Now that you have shaved your head, what’s next? Has this question ever bothered you regarding how to care for your shaved dome? Well. if yes, then you are not alone. There are many who decide to flaunt the classic bald hairstyle and then are confused about how to care for the shaved dome so that it appears properly groomed and looks good. Your reason for adopting the bald hairstyle can be anything from a medical condition to excessive hair fall to simply trying something new. But what demands your attention is to maintain the style. To begin the bald journey the first step can be by using a head shaver to shave the hairs and what comes next is to work towards maintaining the look which definitely requires some effort on your part.

The Shaver: Before anything else what is the most important requirement to achieve a bald hairstyle is a  bald head shaver that will help to achieve a clean and smooth dome. However, while selecting the shaver you need to be conscious of your requirements. Always make sure your device is designed to support both dry and wet shaves, comes with a shaving kit that has a trimmer and clippers to make the shaving experience effective, and gives sufficient run time. Keeping these parameters in mind you can manage to shortlist a shaving tool based on your preferences.

Shampoo: Being bald doesn’t mean you can do away with the hair care regime of oiling and shampooing, in fact, these care regimes should be followed more precisely to nourish the scalp and for a healthy-looking dome. The bald head remains exposed to dust, heat, and pollution and so washing the head in a routine can help to clean the clogged pores of oil and dust.

Oiling: Oiling is believed to provide nourishment to the scalp and also give the head a shiny look. Especially the harsh and dry winters can dry out the skin of the head and so oiling can help in keeping it shiny and healthy.

Pre-shave Oil: Apart from conventional oiling it is recommended to use a pre-shave oil solution for a better shaving experience. The oil lining protects the skin from getting scratched while shaving. It acts as a protection and also ensures smooth shaving.

After-shave Serum: After-shave serum is a very important part of the shaving regime as using an after-shave can moisturize the skin and relax it after shaving. It also helps to close the pore and prevent bacteria or dirt infiltration. 

Sunscreens: A shaved head directly exposed to the sun and so is subjected to sunburns and tans and to prevent the same what comes as important protection is the use of sunscreens. A sunscreen with at least SPF 20 is helpful when being outdoors, however, it is recommended that if you are in direct exposure to the sun for a longer time then reapply the sunscreen after regular intervals.

Moisturizer: For times when you are indoors and are getting ready for bed make sure to pay some attention to the shaved dome too by applying moisturizer. Moisturizer helps in provide nourishment and moisture to the head and makes it visibly smooth and looks healthy. Moisturizing also is a very important care regime for a shaved dome.

Head Massage: Head massages are found to trigger hair growth and most importantly is a stress reliever. Getting a head massage at the end of the day can be very relaxing and helps in better blood circulation. With proper blood flow, you can feel stress-free and relaxed.

Apart from the products that can work externally to make your dome look good, you can also make certain dietary changes and adopt a healthy lifestyle to work for the overall appearance. Eating healthy and hitting the gym regularly to sweat off the extra fats can help to achieve a fit body with that perfectly shaved dome. You should also take care that you shave your head every day to avoid stubble or else you will end up with a buzz hairstyle instead of a bald one. Needless to say that a bald head shaver is of primary importance if you are seriously adapting the bald style. And also always remember to check the hair lines after a shaving session as it often happens that the hairlines are left out or the areas behind the ears are not shaved properly. Keeping in mind these simple tips can only help you to get a clean shaved dome that you can flaunt.

Final Word:

By now you must have formed your manual for the shaved head with these tips and suggestions that can only guide you, however, it is up to you how religiously are you into this. And if you are one of those who are still in the dilemma on whether to shave the head or not, then just pick up the head shaver and shave off the manes. And you can just be confident that you are not going to regret it. So, what are you waiting for? Get going and flaunt a shaved clean dome. 

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