How To Make Date Night More Special

How To Make Date Night More Special

In 2020, romantic date nights were replaced by TV marathons in your pyjamas. However, it’s essential to make time for your relationship and find the time to do something and make it special. Whether it’s staying at home or taking a day trip to a new city, there’s always something fun to do with your partner. Besides, staying at home saves money and can be an excellent alternative to going out. 

Here are some exciting date night ideas for at-home and a few unique things you can do when the pandemic restrictions lift.

Dress up and have dinner at home

In normal circumstances, dinner and a movie are the old-time classic date combination. So why not recreate the romance at home? Spend an hour pampering yourself by doing your nails, makeup and hair – or just soaking in a bubble bath. Wear your favourite outfit, and you will feel sexy in no time. Cook a gourmet meal together and sit at the table with some candles and a bottle of wine. Enjoy a romantic dinner in the comfort of your home and turn down the lights, so you feel like you’re in a luxury restaurant. Easy!

Take a day trip

Once the pandemic restrictions lift, take a train to Gatwick and fly to your favourite city for a weekend. Enjoy some new surroundings after a year at home and indulge in your favourite past-times as a couple.  


A massage and bath together are the best way to spend a night at home together. Light some candles, put on music and throw a few rose petals around the room. Classic romance is a great way to re-introduce romance into your relationship. Besides, a bath and massage will likely lead to some sexy activities as well. 

Cooking competition 

Set two nights for you and your partner to make dinner for each other. Name your meals, create a menu, set a scoring card for each of you to rate, and review your dinner. You could even add décor, atmosphere and entertainment to the card. For example, any dinner games you’ve planned or whether the room was romantic enough. 

You could also play mixologist and design your own cocktails to go along with the meal. Of course, your array of liquor will limit your cocktail creations, so make sure to first invest in a few staples. Style your beverages with edible glitter, lemon and various decorations for the ultimate cocktail creation. 

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