3 Ways to Make Your CV Stand Out From the Crowd

3 Ways to Make Your CV Stand Out From the Crowd

The process of searching for and applying for jobs can be a daunting one. Depending on what industry you are trying to work in, good jobs might be few and far between. This means that every job you apply for is likely receiving a large number of other applications from plenty of other qualified individuals.

The key to finding success in a competitive job market is to make your CV stand out from the hundreds of others that have been submitted for the same position. Even though there are doubtless going to be certain base-level similarities among most of the CVs that a hiring manager receives for a certain job, there is plenty that you can do in order to make yours stand out.

If you have been applying to jobs with little or no success recently, it is likely time to give your CV a second look and make some changes. Here are three things that can help you to improve your CV so that it stands out from the crowd.

  1. Tailor Your Skills to the Specific Position

One mistake that many job hopefuls make is sending out the exact same resume to every job they apply for. While you might get some positive feedback from time to time, it is more than likely that you haven’t heard much back after approaching your job search in this manner.

Instead of sending out the exact same CV to every company that you are applying to, take the time to tailor your resume to the specific job that you are applying to. Read the job description carefully and highlight any and all applicable skills that correlate to that job description.

For instance, if the job listing specifically mentions that the company uses cloud-based computing and you have previously obtained aws certification training, then this should be featured prominently on your CV as opposed to being buried among your other qualifications and skills.

  1. Evaluate the Formatting

Although it might seem a bit arbitrary, the way that your CV looks can be just as important as what it says. A hiring manager won’t give a resume that is formatted poorly and is difficult to follow and understand a second look.

Make sure that you choose a professional-looking format and font. Use spacing wisely so that all of the points included in your CV are easy to follow and read. It is a good idea to allow a friend to look at your resume to see if it is easy enough to follow from a formatting standpoint.

  1. Don’t Overdo It

When you possess a great many skills that you think apply perfectly to a certain job, it can be tempting to overcrowd your CV with every little thing that seems relevant. Even though you want to demonstrate as best as you can just how well suited for the job you are, you don’t want to overdo it. Focus on the most important qualifications and skills that you have and leave the little details for the interview itself.

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