Make Your Work Easy With Cell Phone Stand For Desk

Cell Phone Stand For Desk


While working in the office or at home, do you wish for something that can give vertical support to your smartphone so it can stand and you do your work with ease? Well, with the Mobile Phone Stand, your wish has come true. An ultra-slim and super cool Cell Phone Stand is now available online, which is going to change the desk work experience for all. This impressive phone stand for desk is launched in the market by MOFT and got so popular that in a fortnight, its demand has increased three times.  

Why is it Awesome

People purchase things that are serving the right purpose they need with additional features. And similarly, if we have a look at this cell phone stand, we can acknowledge its popularity and demand. Let’s have a look at its features and what benefits this stand is providing to the users.

It is Ultra Thin

What comes to your mind when you hear a mobile stand? Is it some kind of a tripod stand? Well, fortunately, this mobile phone stand is quite the opposite of it. It is extremely thin that if you put your phone while the stand is in unfolding condition, no one can sight it. And if we talk about the exact thickness, it is 5mm. Super smart doesn’t it?

It is lightweight

MOFT considers users’ demand, so with a paper-thin quality, it kept this phone stand as light as it could be. The total weight of this product is 2.0oz, which doesn’t even feel when attached to the phone. The reason to create it with lightweight material is that a smartphone is something that everyone carries in hand most of the time, and it would seem like a burden if something heavy would be attached to it. 

It is Super Strong

So are you wondering how it can support the phone while it is so thin? It is the slimmest stand, no doubt, but it is quite strong to hold even the big and heavy phones. The ergonomic fold lines allow it to fold only on the angles it is supposed to be. So it can create a stable structure to make the phone stand.

Perfect Angles

On folding, it takes a 60° angle to make the phone stand. And it is the best angle to view the phone on a desk while doing work. You can either stand the phone vertically in a portrait position if you are checking emails or horizontally in landscape position if you want to watch your favorite movie. It works well for both and provides excellent support. 

It serves as a Wallet

It is not just serving as a cell phone stand; it is a multi-purpose product and works great as a wallet as well. This stand allows you to keep your important cards and sufficient money as well. Its built-in pocket is big enough to hold your credit card, business card, and driving license so you wouldn’t have to carry an extra wallet for them. 

Do you think about the security of your cards? You will not have to worry about it either because, with RD-ID, they are all secured.

Easy come Easy Go

This mobile phone stand comes with a strong adhesive glue at its backside that makes it stick to the phone properly. The glue is pretty strong that it does not come out easily until you want. If for any reason, you want to remove it, you can easily do it, and the best thing is that it will not leave any sticky marks or scratch on the surface of your phone. 

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