5 Tips to Thrive in Medical School Mock Interview 2023 (Updated)

Medical School Mock Interview 2022


Medical school interviews are taken to identify the interpersonal skills, maturity, empathy and calibre of the applicants. For many med schools , interview policies vary. Depending on the school you are applying ofr you need to be aware of the interview format beforehand.

Here are the top five medical school interview tips that will help you prepare for your desired med school interview.

Prepare well

The very first tip that you must consider before every exam, test and interview is preparation. Once you are aware of the syllabus, you should start preparing accordingly. Only if you are prepared well will you be able to answer the questions asked. Medical school interview is not about predicting answers for the questions you don’t know. You need to have knowledge of the interview topics very well so that you can be precise with your answers. Here are some other topics that you must also prepare –

  • Academic background
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Employment experience
  • Views on medical problems
  • Reasons to become a physician

Take your time

Medical school mock interview for 2023 is not like any other interview. Here the interview panel might put you in uncomfortable situations to see how to act under pressure. The interviewers at mock interviews wish to observe how an applicant functions under stress. They might ask you questions about controversial or sensitive topics, create a similar personal situation, show disapproval at everything you say, ask questions about a game show etc. Here the interviewers do not expect you to answer right but if you are capable of giving a considered response. Take a moment to formulate an answer before you speak. In case you are unable to understand a question, ask for clarification. Prepare a well conceived answer in your mind and then speak it out with confidence.

Ask good questions

Interviews are an act of exchange dialogues with considerable give and take. Never approach an interview as a Q&A, make it more of a conversation session. Unless it’s about medical school interview ethical questions and answers, you need not remain stiff. Be vocal about your doubts and take the opportunity to learn from the faculty, try to gain access to internships or anything else that is important for a medical school program.

First impressions matter

Within the first few seconds of an interview the tone is usually set. Always be there for the interview on time, dress conservatively, carry your documents in file, make regular eye contacts and do not forget to keep up the confidence in you. Remember the interview committee is not only watching you when you answer a particular question but also when the applicant answers. So be alert and show interest while you are in. Make sure you stand out in your medical school mock interview for 2022 admissions.

After interview

Do not forget to send a thank you letter after a medical school interview. You can either write individual letters for the interview committee or address the entire committee with one letter. This way you leave a remarkable impression on the interviewers.

Show the best version of you to the interview committee so that you get shortlisted in one go. For more such medical school interview tips, subscribe to us today.

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