Best Material for Men’s Wedding Ring

Men's Wedding Ring

Choosing the right wedding ring for a man is nothing less than choosing the perfect wedding dress for a woman. You have to go through so many different cuts, styles, and materials and try them all on before one of them feels like “the one”! It’s no easy task and definitely, not something you would want to rush through. Here’s a list of the best materials for men’s wedding rings that will make it a little, if not a lot, easier to choose what exactly, you’d like to seal the deal with.


One of the most popular choices for women and men’s wedding rings, gold has been the classic showstopper since generations ago. This is best suited for a man who wants a traditional wedding ring. There’s a lot to choose from here because it has various colors and kinds to suit every taste and style. You can go for the classic yellow gold if you’re old-school. There are silver-hued rings made of white gold if you’re feeling adventurous. And then comes the beautiful rose gold for someone who wants to keep it traditional, but give things a little twist. Always be careful about the purity of the gold you’re purchasing. For a fine piece of jewelry like a wedding ring, the karats in your band should be 14 or above. If the karat weight is lower than that, it would mean that you’re getting less gold.


For men who want to invest in a ring that makes a statement, is more durable than most other wedding rings in the market, and shows his status as well as his style, platinum is the way to go. Ranking higher on the budget than the second-best that is palladium, platinum reigns when it comes to choosing the ultimate material for men’s wedding rings. Stronger of the two as well as more durable and costlier, you just can’t go wrong with a platinum ring!


For the ones who want a classy ring without having to pay a fortune for it, titanium is your way to go. This material is strong and sturdy and can withstand a hit (if you’re wondering what its strength is like). So, if you’re an adventurer or an athlete, this material might be a good choice for you. In terms of appearance, its light hue makes it resemble platinum or silver. Yet it is one of the most inexpensive materials out there. 


If you’re intrigued with the idea of an inexpensive metal that looks like and feels like platinum but is not half as expensive and can withstand quite a few hits, tungsten is another great option you can consider. For the outdoors, athletic and ones that are always on the move, this material for men’s wedding rings, is hard to beat. Tungsten rings are a silvery hued metal can be easily mistaken as material as expensive as platinum. This is your way to go when you don’t want to spend a fortune, but still want things classy.


A little off-beat and for those who love to experiment, go for a cobalt ring with inlays of dark, warm wood or ceramic. It is especially a great choice if you want your wedding ring to be engraved or make custom designs inside/on top of the ring that is laser-cut. It is silver in hue and kind of, has the look of platinum. The only difference? It’s probably not even a fraction of the price of a platinum ring! 


This is for the unconventional groom. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t look too dead serious or has a certain edge to it, you can opt for a zirconium ring. This material has a dark, blackened look, and can look pretty gothic in appearance. You can make laser-cut custom designs like your favorite flower, or your wedding date, or your wife’s initials on it. Get a zirconium ring if you want to truly stand out for having a different wedding ring than most. 


This is the only material in this list that’s a nonmetal. It can be mixed with another metal to make a beautiful wedding ring that’s truly different for everyone else’s! You can make many custom designs and inlays. If you’re mistaken that this ceramic is the same as that used for making pottery, then you’re mistaken. Ceramic used to make men’s wedding rings, is hard and durable and infused with some metal. They won’t shatter if they’re dropped! Choose a ceramic ring for when you don’t want to go over-the-top with investing in your wedding ring or just want something simple and casual.

The most important thing to keep in mind is your own style. Buy a wedding ring that suits your style and portrays clearly who you are. There’s no rush to pick material at one go. You can experiment with different materials and try out a few rings before you choose the one that suits your personality the most! Go through ample options before making the choice since it’s an important one. We wish you all the luck!

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