Metal Frame Reading Glasses Vs Plastic Frames: Which One To Choose?

Metal Frame Reading Glasses Vs Plastic Frames: Which One To Choose?

Are you having some confusing thoughts while exploring suitable eyeglass frames? Is it a tough decision for you to pick between plastic and metal frame reading glasses? If yes, this guide will help you differentiate between the key properties of metal and plastic eyeglass frames so that you can make a wise choice. Let us dive deeper and understand further. 

There is no outright winner when it comes to choosing eyeglass frames. It solely depends upon the person’s fashion preferences and the frequency of usage of their reading glasses. Both have their fixed set of pros and cons when it comes to choosing between plastic and metal frames of reading glasses. To take away all your confusion, here are the segregated functional benefits of plastic and metal frames of reading glasses. 

Why do readers prefer metal frame reading glasses?


  • Metal frames are designed especially for readers who prefer to carry more of a professional business look than a casual one. 
  • Furthermore, they offer a minimalist look and are suitable for people who want to keep their appearance subtle with thinner frames. 
  • In addition, if you do not read quite often, wearing and removing the glasses can disturb their alignment and adjustment. In these cases, metal frames have the potential to hold their adjustments better than plastic ones.
  • You do not have to frequently visit the optician to get your glasses adjusted. 
  • Unlike the plastic frames, metal frame reading glasses also have nose pads that help them sit comfortably on your nose. 
  • Metal frames are generally lightweight and highly flexible, which is the key selling point of these accessories. 
  • If you are a sporty person, you can include metal frame glasses in your vigorous lifestyle. 
  • Talking about the style options, you can choose to have full-framed or semi-rimless metal-framed glasses which suit your taste and style preferences. 


Note: If you have a metal allergy, try not to invest in metal frames as they can cause rashes and skin irritation by coming in direct contact. 


Why are plastic frame reading glasses so popular?


  • Unlike the metal frame, which imparts a minimalistic look, plastic frames have a thicker, heavier and more rigid look. 
  • Individuals who prefer to carry a bold and engaging fashion statement prefer thick plastic frames for reading glasses.
  • Plastic frames are more sturdier and are available in a wide range of colors, unlike metal frames which have a restricted color palette. Thus, if you wish to shift from subtle to a more vivid and outrageous look, investing in plastic frames is the best option.  
  • Since the plastic frames are thicker and sturdier than metallic ones, they have the strength to hold much thicker lenses. Therefore, plastic frames are preferred by individuals with high power lenses.
  • Plastic frames do not have nose pads and prove to be more comfortable than other frame types like wire-rim reading glasses. 
  • If you are highly short-sighted, prefer plastic frames for reading glasses as they can hide that extra thickness of your lens.  


Whether you prefer to invest in metal frame gold reading glasses or plastic ones, make sure you feel comfortable and confident wearing them!!

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