Minimalist Gaming – A New Trend

Minimalist Gaming


What is minimalist gaming? When we first heard this term, we asked ourselves, “What can we expect next?” And what does it even mean? Firstly, minimalism means different things to different people. But in the context of gaming, it means the same for everyone, but there are levels to it. Minimalist gaming is something completely new and is receiving a lot of praise from gamers worldwide. Much like the black and yellow game version of roulette did as well. People are after new things constantly, whether it’s minimalist or a change in color for their favorite casino game. Now, let’s unpack what minimalist gaming is. 

Spending money

Let’s kick off with the one that affects us the most, the bank balance. That age-old saying that money does not buy you happiness is a blatant lie. Money can indeed buy you loads of video games that, in turn, make you happy. But with minimalist gaming, you cut back and only spend on games, consoles, or PCs you love. Instead of splurging on every new video game, you only buy the ones you love. For example, say you enjoy adventure games and play first-person games now and again. In a minimalist setting, you will then only buy adventure games since these are the ones you enjoy the most.  

The same can be said for consoles and PCs. You don’t have to own the latest gaming computer; instead, you can focus on the aspects of your gaming experience that you truly love. Say you value picture quality over sound, then you can buy a top-of-the-range graphics card and monitor. Hardware is a bit difficult, though, as sometimes certain components work together to achieve a certain type of quality.  

Using your energy wisely

Another aspect of minimalist gaming is using your energy wisely. Instead of playing every single new release, only focus on the games you genuinely enjoy. It can be tough being a gamer since the gaming community will share any new releases. You’ll hear things such as, “you must play this game” to “buy it; you’ll complete it in one sitting”. It’s normal. However, minimalist gamers are now opting to play only the games they enjoy.  

What are the benefits?

Gaming will always be a fantastic way to unwind after a hectic day at work. Or even after a hectic weekend at a festival. However, you can find yourself playing for 10 hours straight and forgetting to take the dog to the parlor. This is where minimalist gaming comes in. It allows you to free up time, setting a schedule if you will, so that you are able to plan for your video gaming time and life as well.  

Another benefit is that it allows you to save some cash. When a game such as FIFA is released, it can be quite expensive considering there are multiple add-ons if you opt for it. If soccer is your game of choice, buying it on release is acceptable since it only releases once a year. You can even opt to buy every second edition and save some cash too, but that’s not all. By reducing your gaming, you also get to do other things you love too. Like cooking as an example. Gaming is so much fun and often we play for hours and then order food online, minimalist gamers are now only playing a few hours at a time while making time for other things as well. 

How to become a minimalist gamer?

Look, there is a lot to consider; it’s not as simple as making the switch. However, you can ease into it slowly if you wish. Here are some tips on how to make it happen.

  • Sell the games you don’t play: We’ve met people who have hundreds of hard copy video games. If you want to make the shift, you need to decide on the game category you are going to stick to, then sell the other ones.
  • Minimize hardware: If you only enjoy playing PlayStation, it’s time to get rid of your gaming PC and Xbox.
  • Only buy games you like to play: Only buy the games you love; it will save you space and money. 
  • Set a time limit when playing: Make sure to set a time limit when gaming, for example, two hours per day. It’s getting harder to find time to play games, so setting a time limit and scheduling your game time will help here. 
  • Upgrade only when needed: Only upgrade hardware when needed. For example, a broken controller or keyboard.  


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