Missing the taste of home? Try these best tiffin services in Delhi

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Moving out of home and into a hostel or PG in Delhi can be a bit of a culture shock for most of us. You have to adjust to being away from your parents and get used to living in a new city, especially one that’s as loud and fast paced as Delhi. There are times when the homesickness just hits, especially when you’re sitting down in the dining hall of your hostel and missing your mother’s cooking. Well, there’s no need to be haunted by the taste of home. You can try out some of the best tiffin services to enjoy fresh home-cooked meals everyday. Here’s a list of some services you might want to check out for the sake of your health and your tastebuds.

Chatto Chapati Home Kitchen

With a tiffin service that’s been running for nearly twenty years, Chatto Chapati Home Kitchen in Mayur Vihar provides four different thali options that are sure to fit your palate and budget. Enjoy freshly made dal as well as seasonal vegetables cooked to perfection along with rice, roti and a simple salad. They’ve got free delivery for folks in Mayur Vihar I and Extension, but you can request a delivery via Uber Connect or Wefast if you live in a different location. Browse through their Instagram page for more information.

Savoury & Sage

A home catering service that delivers all over Delhi NCR, Savoury and Sage takes tiffin services to a whole new level. No boring rotis are served here, instead you can take your pick of options like quiches, pizzas, pies, crackers and dips and so much more. And all the food is prepared right in their home kitchen. Yes, there is a huge demand for their services, so make sure you place your order at least 12 hours in advance. This will be a huge hit whether you’re ordering just for yourself or having a party with your hostel roommates.

Theka – The Food Bar

Located in Laxmi Nagar, Theka’s “Ghar Jaise Swaad Wali Thali” is going to fulfil all your cravings for home cooked food. This cafe also has all the usual favourites starting from Maggi to Burgers, so feel free to switch up your order once in a while for some variety. You can place your order on WhatsApp or via Zomato and you’ll have your hot tiffin delivered right to your doorstep if you live in East Delhi. 

Tiffin Wala

This one’s for the South Delhi folks and is a tiffin service that’s going to take the stress of meal-planning far away from you. Choose from a variety of prepaid ‘plans’ which include an assortment of continental and Indian thalis for a span of four weeks or try out a non-plan thali to switch things up. Each thali costs approximately Rs 250 but you can easily avail discounts on the extended plans. Make sure you place your order before 10am (for lunch service) and 6pm (for dinner service) respectively!

Just My Roots

There are tiffin services that will make you feel at home. And then there’s Just My Roots, an inter-state home delivery service that will literally bring you food from home right to your PG in Laxmi Nagar using their Direct from Home facility. And not just home food, you can even place an order from your favourite restaurant or cafe, or pick up groceries, poultry and fish and have it delivered to you in Delhi. Sounds too good to be true? Try it out yourself! They have a website and an app that are both super user-friendly so you can order your food from home within minutes!

So, no more feeling sad about missing your ‘ma ke haath ka khana’ in your hostel or PG. With these tiffin services, you can enjoy hot and fresh home cooked meals no matter where you are in Delhi. Go ahead and give them a try!

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