Key Mistakes To Avoid As an Online Shopper For Best Shopping Experience

Key Mistakes To Avoid As an Online Shopper For Best Shopping Experience

In the year 2018, online shopping touched an unprecedented feat when it rolled over $2.84 trillion in global sales, and the trend further transcended with a greater inclination towards online shopping. Keeping in mind the same level of growth, it was anticipated that by 2021, the annual global sales will surpass $4.8 trillion, if there are no external factors or pandemic disrupting the growth.

It wouldn’t be an understatement to quote that people love to shop online for women and men’s clothing. But most online shoppers make a lot of common mistakes that completely ruin their experience. In this blog, we will speak about a few to avoid a memorable shopping experience.

A Few Key Mistakes That Most Online Shoppers Make While Shopping Online

1. Using Debit Card to Make Payment :

Most folks use debit cards when they shop online. Though people prefer debit cards because it has no liability attached to them. On the contrary, those who are using the credit cards have to pay a lot of processing charges and other fees to make the purchase. When all of these get consolidated, it amounts to a considerable sum standing as your liability. Well, though you get the leverage to pay back after 45 days without any interest, still most people prefer to use a debit card instead. The problem with debit cards is that they are not federally well protected against frauds when you compare the same with credit cards. Thus, you are more vulnerable to lose all your money in that account. So, next time when you plan to shop for women’s clothing or look for men’s clothing to give to your special person, use a credit card instead of the debit card to make the payment.

2. CashBack Bait To Upsales :

Giveaways in the form of cashback and discounts often look quite tempting but they might convince you to make additional purchases. To an extent, cashback makes sense but discounts are hard to manage and control. You are not aware of whether additional or extra payment has been made. So, you need to be aware of how online sellers are using cashback and discount gimmicks. If the purpose of the discount is to upsales and you are falling for that gimmick to save your money, in actuality, the money was already when you opted for an additional purchase that you never in the first place.

3. Price Pretension or Art of Fakeism in Unit Cost :

Flat 50% or 70% discount, the most effective cliche to knock any stubborn buyer who is not interested to buy at that moment. Indeed, an INR 10,000 product straightway discounted and re-priced at 3,000 makes sense for a spendthrift or rational buyer. But isn’t the price mechanism relative rather than absolute. Is there a proper tracking system or justification to make you believe that the product was of 10,000 INR and you have to just pay 3000 INR after the discount. That’s the fakeism or collective price psychological bait to fool you.


When you are going for online shopping anywhere, make sure that these things are duly kept in mind and you have made the online shopping for men’s cautiously by avoiding these simple mistakes that every online shopper makes on e-Commerce platforms.

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