How to Modernize Your Old Office

How to Modernize Your Old Office

If the office you own or rent is outdated, then it is in the best interest of your business and your employees to give it a much-needed overhaul. Upgrading the space is often well within your rights as a tenant, but if you own the space, upgrading the features, tools and aesthetic can give you a more valuable asset. 

Modernizing will need to be done in phases. This is the only way you can easily work in upgrades without interrupting workflows too seriously, and also how you can incorporate the cost into your overhead. 

To help you with your own modernization plan, use this guide: 

Start First with Electricals and Plumbing 

When it comes to modernizing your office space, you want to think about what happens behind the scenes long before you get to the visible upgrades you can do. Electricals, for example, can completely change how your team use the space. Upgrade the lighting or adding more plug sockets are two of the first investments you should make. Electricians can handle a host of jobs from adding charging points for electric vehicles all the way to adding solar panels. To better understand your options, the costs, and the benefits, get in touch for an electrical quote from a company such as Like Electrical

Next Focus on the Floorplan 

Experiment with different floorplans or even bring in an office designer who will know the best layout for your space and to best support your employees. Your floorplan should offer employees options in terms of how they want to work, and support both individual workloads and team workloads. There should be enough space to comfortably walk around people as well. 

And Then the Furniture and Equipment 

Make use of the furniture and equipment that you already have but do keep in mind that it could be time to upgrade them. If the furniture in question is tired, broken, or was not designed to help support the worker, then look to replace them. You can save by shopping second-hand, especially directly from other companies that are shutting down their office and selling off their equipment for whatever reason. 

Add in Social Spaces 

You want your employees to work well, then they need two things. One, they need to be able to trust and work well with each other. Two, they need to be able to take breaks that matter. You can offer them better opportunities to do both by adding social spaces into your office design. This way they can eat lunch somewhere that is not their desk, can take breaks, or can just relocate their work for a brief period. 


Consider how you feel sitting in an ugly, uncomfortable space, and then compare that to how you feel in your favorite café. How you feel when you work makes a huge difference. If employees feel comfortable and inspired by their working environment they will naturally work better and be happy to be at work. 

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