Picking the Most Suitable c Grade for You

Picking the Most Suitable c Grade for You

If you are wondering where to buy matcha powder, the huge array of options can definitely leave you overwhelmed. Before making any final order with any supplier around you or even online, it is very important to know and understand the standard grades that the specific Matcha tea company offers. 

Normally, you will find many grades to learn about, and they all have different potential. However, it all boils down to one question, which is, “How to use Matcha powder?” Well, the answer to this question can only be easily understood if you are a food connoisseur and look forward to adding some extra punch of taste to your daily meals. Or else, the case can be if you plan to launch a beauty product that is inspired by Japanese cultural ingredients. Lastly, it can be when you want to try the tea powder because of the hype worldwide.

Well, for whatever purpose you are going to incorporate Matcha into your routine, there are high chances that it can be the magical powder that can transform you in the least time possible. It usually can be categorized into three popular categories: Ceremonial, Industrial, and Culinary grade. So let’s get started with knowing the whole difference between all of these, which will work best according to your needs. 


The ordinary difference between each of these Japanese matcha tea grades has to do so much because the leaves are located on the plant. The top stems are meant for the ceremonial grade, while the middle is considered highly suitable for industrial and culinary use. Though the categories mentioned may vary in terms of name, the health benefits, quality levels, and presence of antioxidants remain the same. As experts call it, the grades and qualities of matcha tea powder only differ in color and flavor. 

  • Ceremonial Grade 

This fresh emerald green in color variant has more of a smooth flavor and lots of amino acids. Typically, this category is crafted by every prestigious Matcha tea company for Japanese ceremonies. Normally, the tea is mixed with pure water and enjoyed among near and dear ones. It is also considered perfect for single-serve stick packs, private label products, and high-end food services. 

  • Industrial Grade

Well, you don’t have to be surprised with the cold name, i.e., Industrial grade. This matcha variant maintains the same content of antioxidants, just as the signature one. With a subtle yellowish tone and high acidity levels, this grade is ideal for supplement powders and vitamin formulas. Not only this, industrial matcha powder is happily used in beauty cleansers, toners, and facial masks. The presence of active antioxidants is found to be helpful in even out the skin tone, brighten dark spots and patches, and saving the skin layers from harmful UV rays. 

  • Culinary Grade

If you are searching online and feeling quite confused about where to buy matcha powder for culinary processes, try out the most natural grade. This particular culinary variant comes in a bright green tone and is perfect for adding to your favorite daily routine meals. For instance, you can use them to add flavor to your ice cream, lattes, candies, bottled beverages, bakery, etc. Once you add a pinch of it to your meal, you will see how evenly the strong and earthy flavor does wonders. 

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter which grade you choose to go with; make sure to use a USDA-certified variant with zero GMOs, Kosher certified, and 100% organic.

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