5 Tips to Get the Most Suitable Moroccan Rugs Online

5 Tips to Get the Most Suitable Morrocan Rugs Online

Since Moroccan rugs are made by different Moroccan Berber tribes, you’ll always find a unique style to suit your needs. Traditionally, Moroccan rugs have been used in Berber homes as floor mats . More recently they have become popular in Western homes and so many are now made to sell. This article is intended to give you a step-by-step guide on buying Moroccan Rugs.

Buying Moroccan rugs

  • Decide on a Style

Firstly decide on the style of Moroccan Rug you like. Do you prefer the classic, minimalist Beni Ourain style or the brighter more bohemian looking Azilal rugs? 

Then think about what colour you would like. What colour would suit your interior? You could choose for example, Blue Moroccan Rugs, if you are after a striking centrepiece for a room. 

What material would you prefer? Do you want a 100% wool rug like a Beni Ourain or something made of mixed textiles like a Boucherouite rug? 

Lastly, what about the size of rug? Are you after an area rug or a hallway runner? Or maybe you’re after a small rug for your child’s bedroom. 

  • Decide on the age of the rug

Are you after a new rug or a worn looking vintage piece? Or are you after something in between. There are so many possible options when it comes to Moroccan rugs that it is important to narrow down exactly what you are looking for. 

  • Ensure it is Authentic

Are you after an authentic Moroccan rug or just a Moroccan style rug. There are many options to buy rugs of Moroccan style at cheaper prices but if you are after a true Moroccan rug, ensure that you are buying from a reputable supplier to guarantee the quality.   Moroccan rugs in UK can offer authentically sourced rugs from a trusted supplier.

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