Ms. Marvel: Is Kamala Khan an X-Adult males?

The year finale of “Ms. Marvel” is packed with massive showdowns and equally significant revelations, but a single of the most crucial times of all is concealed away in a solitary bit of dialogue. Following the finale, the problem on everyone’s thoughts is: Is Kamala Khan essentially a member of the X-Gentlemen?

The reveal arrives close to the conclusion of the finale, following the closing struggle has wrapped up. Bruno pulls Kamala aside to give her an update that throws a new wrinkle into the secret guiding her powers. He is taken a nearer glance at her DNA, and even though her family connection nevertheless performs a role in her access to superpowers, it seems like her certain skills are linked to something else, which he calls “a mutation.” Kamala brushes it off as “just one more label,” but sharp-eared viewers will realize the new music that plays above his line: the theme tunes from the ’90s animated “X-Gentlemen” series.

Is Ms. Marvel an X-Males in the Comic Books?

The X-Men hint is significantly attention-grabbing specified Kamala’s comic ebook origins. In the Marvel comics, Kamala is not a member of the X-Adult men, but has Inhuman origins. Inhumans have their latent powers awakened when they come into speak to with the Terrigen Mist, a approach called Terrigenesis.

Over the previous several decades, the Inhumans have appeared in quite a few Marvel properties. In 2017, ABC aired the to start with (and only) season of “Inhumans,” a Television present subsequent the “royal relatives” of the Inhumans. The longest-jogging Inhuman storyline in the MCU so considerably will come from “Marvel’s Brokers of Protect,” in which hacker-turned-hero Skye (aka Daisy Johnson) is exposed to the Mists, gains powers, and unlocks a number of years’ value of battles involving both superior and evil Inhumans.

If “Ms. Marvel” is adhering to the comics storyline carefully, then Kamala really should be picking up the reins of the Inhumans storyline for the subsequent section.

Will X-Gentlemen Be Part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

This “X-Gentlemen” Easter egg in the “Ms. Marvel” time finale would seem to counsel they’re heading in a somewhat distinctive direction with the Inhumans storyline.

Prior to 2019, Marvel Studios did not have the film legal rights to X-Gentlemen because they were being certified to 20th Century Fox. As a result, Marvel experienced to build diverse backstories when utilizing figures like Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, who are X-Adult men in the comics.

With Disney’s acquisition of Fox, Marvel regained the rights to the X-Adult men. Since then, nonetheless, the X-Guys have scarcely been a blip on the radar in the MCU, with the most noteworthy reference being an alternate-universe edition of Patrick Stewart’s Professor X showing in “Medical professional Odd in the Multiverse of Madness.”

This hint in “Ms. Marvel” appears to suggest that a new edition of the X-Adult males is just not too considerably absent soon after all, and we are unable to hold out to see what takes place!

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