What Goes into the Cost of a Mushroom Burial Suit and Why Should You Buy It?

Mushroom Burial Suit

Thinking about your funeral can be morbid, but are you intrigued by green burials? What exactly are mushroom suits, and should you opt for them? Experts such as Gary P. Cubeta from Insurance for Final Expense can help you with your queries like, how much does a mushroom burial suit cost? But first, read on to know a little more about mushroom burial suits.

What Are Mushroom Burial Suits?

When Luke Perry was buried in a mushroom burial suit, it raised a few eyebrows but mostly piqued everyone’s interest. Mushroom burial suits are a biodegradable way to bury your body. Unlike traditional burial methods, these suits are far less damaging to the environment.

So, they must be expensive. You would be surprised to know that the mushroom burial suit cost is not sky-high. They are often cheaper than traditional burial methods.

Understanding Mushroom Burial Suits

Mushroom burial suits are made of organic cotton but have mushroom spores sewn into them. If you opt for such suits, you would have to forgo using a coffin and be buried directly in the ground.

How do the mushroom spores help? When your body is buried, these spores not only help with decomposing your body but help turn your body’s toxins into enzymes. With this natural decomposition process, you can ensure that your remains do not contaminate the plant life around you or trickle into the water supply.

What Is Wrong with Traditional Caskets?

Experts such as Gary P. Cubeta from Insurance for Final Expense not only explains a mushroom suit burial cost but helps you understand why more and more people seem to opt for them.

In short, the problem with traditional burial is the use of caskets laden with toxic preservatives. Although most people dislike thinking about what happens once their body is buried, the truth remains that their body, along with the casket, decomposes.

Unfortunately, the toxins in the casket slowly seep into the Earth as it decays and can negatively affect the area all-around your burial spot.

What About Cremation?

The problem isn’t solved even if you choose to be cremated. To cremate a body, high temperatures are required, which need a lot of fuel. Cremations also release a lot of smoke into the air, which is detrimental to the environment.

Overall, traditional burials or cremation can have a negative impact in the long run. Though it may not seem like much, the effects of these traditional methods add up quickly over the years. Hence, it is time for people to become more aware of what happens to the Earth for future generations.

How Much Does a Mushroom Burial Suit Cost?

What is the cost of a mushroom burial suit? These suits can cost anywhere between $1500 and $2000. The price may seem steep, but it is essential to note that they cost far less than typical funerals, which can rack up a bill of up to $9000.

If you’re hesitant about being buried directly into the ground, you can also choose to be buried in a traditional casket. The mushroom spores will still aid the decomposition process and use the wood as a nutrient source.

Where Can You Bury Your Remains?

Mushroom burial suits are fairly new; so, do burial sites accept them? With an increasing number of people going for “green burials,” funeral homes and burial sites are becoming more open to changes. It is best to check with your funeral home before you plan things out.

You can also choose to be buried in your private property, provided that it is legal in your state. If it is permitted, you will need to ensure that the grave is only four feet deep so that the mushroom spores can germinate safely. 

How Can You Purchase and Store Your Suit?

Once you visit the company’s official website, you will find instructions on how you can purchase the suit. Once the suit is purchased and delivered, the burial should occur within 24 hours to ensure that the mushroom spores germinate properly.

Once the body is buried, the mushroom spores begin their magic. Mushrooms have self-seeking growth, and as they grow, they help accelerate the decomposition of the surrounding body. 

During this process, they also help neutralize any toxins which may be formed and create a nutrient-rich decomposed body that replenishes the soil.

Mushroom burial suits are comparatively inexpensive. However, they have a significant impact on the environment. With these suits, you can ensure that you have a positive effect on the Earth, even if you may not be on it. To safeguard future generations, it is vital to start taking steps today.

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