Myths That Might Trigger You Before Enrolling into CAT Exam Coaching

CAT exam coaching
CAT exam coaching

Planning to take classes for the CAT exam? Do you find it quite pressurizing all the unnecessary myths it carries? If yes, you need to relax and take a quick read of our blog. In this competitive era, no matter what product/service we wish to try with all of the hype, we also need to accommodate the fact that the myths will come along. However, many aspirants who are planning to enroll in CAT exam coaching? consider this as something normal. Still, others need to realize that myths are completely unnecessary here in the CAT world. 

The reason being why you need to avoid or overcome those numerous myths is because they can significantly affect your preparation and performance. Today, we are with some of the most popular myths debunked about the CAT exam. 

So, let’s just get started with putting you in your comfort zone once again. 

  • CAT is All About IIMs 

We simply cannot deny that this exam is conducted at any of the IIMs every year. There are several other private institutions in India accepting CAT scores. For instance, the most prestigious ones in the new IIMs are SP Jain Institute of Management and Research and MDI Gurgaon. Now it would make much more sense to you that CAT holders are just not limited to the IIMs. Eventually, you are highly eligible to apply for a lot of other institutes across India. 

  • CAT Is Not Meant for Female Aspirants 

There are myths that CAT is not specifically meant for female candidates. Or else, many say that females don’t do much well in Quants, or only a small percentage of candidates have got selected in the IIMs. Now, this could be simply weird for many of you in the first place. 

Imagine says mathematics is a gender-specific subject. It seems bizarre. Similarly, it is not fair to say that only candidates who have been a part of IITs or Engineering programs do well in the CAT exam. So all the power ladies exploring options for CAT coaching classes near you, now is the time to buck up and be one step closer to your dream. 

  • CAT Demands a High Reading Speed 

First of all, every reader here needs to understand the reality that the CAT exam never tests your reading ability. What is primarily assessed is your potential to comprehend pieces of writing. The passage in the CAT exam ranges from 600-900 words, which is the standard limit currently. A candidate simply has around 5-6 minutes to read it thoroughly. Therefore, it is more important to focus on writing things you understand well. Only then will you be able to read faster. 

At the same time, spoken English does not weigh that much fraction in your overall performance. Still, it does have strong relevance in the Group discussions and Interviews. So we advise you to work on both aspects at the same time. 

  • CAT Is Just Limited to Mock Tests 

If you haven’t experienced the classroom part at any of the reputed CAT exam classes near you, you need to learn that coaching is not restricted to finishing mock tests. There’s a lot more than you can imagine. But, unfortunately, where most CAT aspirants succeed in scoring well in mock tests, they unintentionally ignore another important part: the ANALYSIS. 

Yes, you read it right! The thorough analysis with the extended mentorship makes a lot of difference as it helps to recognize the weaknesses and strengths of your performance. As we all know, CAT exam coaching is not something ordinary; it is definitely an immense task. Regardless of wherever you enroll for CAT preparation, make sure you and your mentor discuss/analyze the topics/subjects/concerns or areas you feel need to work more. And drop the myth that mock tests are not effective at all. It turns out to be better when you take the time to analyze it. 

So these were the top 4 myths about the CAT exam that we tried to put up straight in the front. In the end, there is no person/situation responsible for your failure or success in this prestigious exam. It has nothing to do with your fate, luck, or destiny. It is all about YOU. Remember that!

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