Must Haves that Need to be Present in Every Man’s Working Bag



Someone has rightly said that a girl carries her entire world in her bag but nobody knows what a man carries in his bag which is why it is mysterious. Any man or guy working on improving his lifestyle, dressing, and fashion sense needs to keep his bag handy with all the essentials he would need every day. The last thing that we do before stepping out of the home is to look through our bags to cross-check if we have kept everything or not. Chances are always high to forget to carry something and we only realize it when we need it.

Regardless of how you choose to dress up or present yourself, you should always carry those essentials that help to make you look the best of yourself. Whether it’s your hand sanitizer, favorite perfume, or hair brush for men, these are a few of the essentials that every man should have in his bag while going to and from home. 

Five Essential Items that Every Man Should Have in His Bag:

For the Tech Junkies and Music Lovers

Whether you are hitting the road on a trip or counting minutes to reach the office, traffic jams happen every day and people get stuck in their vehicles too. To get through the time wasted in the traffic jam or while commuting, always carry your phone charger and earphones along. As it’s quite obvious, these days’ people never travel or leave their homes without their gadgets hence having all the essential chargers and other attachments are important. Our phones rule our lives hence you can’t afford to lose their battery thus always carry the charger or power bank and a quality pair of earphones.

Hair Comb or Brush for Good Hair Day 

These days even guys have started taking care of their grooming regime giving special attention to their hair. After spending a few good minutes setting your hair, the last thing that someone would want is to allow the wind to ruin their hair look. Thus get yourself travel sized pocket hair comb which hardly occupies much space in the bag. While stepping out to board the metro to work, you can’t predict when the sunny morning gets taken over by clouds and rain, hence keeping a hair brush or comb in your back pocket will help you to quickly fix your hair and your hairstyle will be as good as a new one. 

Perfume is an Everyday Necessity to Smell Good

An impromptu Friday evening plan with colleagues? Don’t worry, let your perfume fix your sweaty body and feel as fresh as you are in the morning to help you smell good with confidence. Whether you are at work attending a meeting with a few others or enjoying a dinner date with Bae, choose your perfume with the right fragrance with a soothing scent that will make you feel like you have just stepped out of the shower. If you sweat more than usual during humid weather, keeping a pocket deodorant or perfume is a great hack. 

Sunglasses to Escape the Sun

Stepping out in the scorching heat is the last thing anyone of us would want to do. Whether you are leaving the office for any off-site meeting or running important errands, always carry a sunglass to save yourself from the harmful sun. Wearing sunglasses always keep you safe and make you look trendy as well. They come in different shapes, colors, and designs and are absolute summer essentials to keep the sun away. They add a style statement to the personality and also make you feel comfortable on a bright sunny day. Moreover, just in case you happen to roll your eyes seeing someone across the street, it covers up that too! 

Lip Balm and Moisturizer to Beat Dry Skin

Cold weather, chapped lips, and dry skin go hand in hand. To avoid this, keep a small cream tube and lip balm in your bag to keep your skin hydrated and soft. Having dry skin irritates, makes it rough and flaky hence these skincare essentials will help to take better care of your body even when you are not home. Moreover also never forget to carry wet wipes or tissues for any sort of emergency like spilling coffee on your clothes or laptop while working. 

While these things are essential to meet everyday errands and you can carry whatever it needs to make you look your best on the professional and personal front. 


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