Some eco-friendly metals that are setting new trends in wedding bands

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Gold, silver, and platinum are the common metals used for making wedding bands for both men and women.  The trend continues, but the concern is growing about the environmental damages caused by mining these metals that results in water pollution and emission of green gases besides soil erosion.  After mining the metal ore, it goes through a series of purification processes to extract the metal from the ore, which entails the use of many toxic chemicals that increase the pollution load of the environment. Of particular concern is the use of Cyanide, a deadly chemical used for extracting gold from the metal that generates tons of toxic waste, which contaminates the soil as well as water and air. 

The concerns for the environment and human life led to the use of some other metals for jewelry making, especially for wedding bands, and here are your options.

Titanium wedding bands

Titanium wedding bands have broken into the fashion scene and are now a growing trend. These lightweight wedding bands are durable, affordable, and comfortable to wear because it is hypoallergenic. The metal appeals to both men and women are less expensive than gold and platinum. Still, they look beautiful and stylish as they can withstand the environmental conditions and retain its appearance for a long time. The metal does not break, bend, or melt under normal conditions and requires minimal care as it is easy to clean at home with a soap solution. Titanium rings are available in intricate designs at Mensweddingbands and can be made colorful by the process of anodizing.

Tungsten wedding bands

Tungsten wedding bands are slowly making their presence felt and fast becoming an alternative for traditional metals like gold, silver, and platinum.  The trend started a few years ago and is now drawing a lot of attention as people who want to experiment with fashion and style are falling for it. As the price of traditional jewelry metal keeps increasing, Tungsten is fast gaining popularity for making affordable wedding bands. Tungsten is a sturdy metal that has extensive industrial use, especially for making cutting tools and dies. However, it is also suitable for creating beautiful jewelry designs that reflect in the wedding bands, which are in a class of its own. Tungsten is mixed with carbon to form tungsten carbide, and then nickel added to it for making the metal suitable for jewelry making.

Cobalt chrome wedding bands

Platinum is the costliest metal used for jewelry making, and it is usually out of reach for the average person. Cobalt chrome now offers a cost-effective alternative to platinum with almost comparable looks and also an eco- friendly option, which is a reason for people showing interest in it. The composition of the metal alloy consists of 50% Cobalt and 20% Chromium along with 15% Tungsten and 10% Nickel that results in a soft but durable hypoallergenic metal most suited for making wedding bands. Cobalt chrome is a lustrous metal that matches the looks and shine of platinum and can last long by withstanding wear and tear.

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