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Nursery Admissions Approaching? 4 Things to Tick Off Your Check List Before the Big Day

Nursery Admissions Approaching

Nursery admissions are one of the first challenges a child faces. These nursery admissions can be a turning point for young learners and succeeding in them can help them feel confident and driven. This is why, it’s important to prepare for these nursery admissions 2021 well. 

But often, young parents find themselves struggling in understanding the right way to prepare for nursery admissions and are unable to help their children get ready to face them. This is why, we’ve prepared a checklist to help you get the hang of all the things that you need to get done before your child’s nursery admissions. 

Explore the Concept of Nursery School with the Help of Pretend Play 

Joining a nursery school is a big turning point in the lives of young learners. But they can feel daunted and overwhelmed if they enter school without any familiarization. Spend days playing the roles of parent, child, and teacher. Saying goodbye to mommy and/or daddy, singing songs, reading books, participating in circle time, playing outside, and napping are all examples of regular daily rituals that you can enact. Assure your child that preschool is a safe, enjoyable place where they will learn, have fun and enjoy complete curriculum workbooks as well. Answer their questions slowly and patiently. This gives children a sense of control, which decreases their fear. This is an important step to tick off your checklist before nursery admission 2021. 

Plan School Visits 

Visit your child’s nursery school as a family. Inquire about when you may take your child on a school tour. Before your kid begins the programme, have them play on the school playground a few times and familiarize them with the school campus. These visits help your toddler feel more at ease and confident in this new environment. 

Be Receptive Towards Your Child’s Worries

Although it may be tempting to immediately comfort your child and move on, it is critical to let him know that his concerns have been acknowledged. Children’s anxieties about nursery admission, no matter how minor or major, may have a major impact on their experience there. Will you remember to come and get them in the afternoon? Will their teacher be friendly to them?

Make it clear to your child that it is natural to feel pleased, sad, thrilled, afraid, or concerned. Explain that starting something new can be frightening, and that most of us feel this way. It might be beneficial to discuss a time when you started something new and how you felt about it. Allowing your child to express their concerns allows you to assist them in figuring out how to cope with them. For example, if they are concerned about missing you, the two of you may create a book of family pictures for them to keep in their cubby and refer to when they feel lonely. This is definitely something to mark off your checklist before admission for nursery 2021.

Don’t Ignore Non-Verbal Messages

Even while 3-year-olds can communicate, most are unable to completely express how they are feeling or what they are concerned about. Your child may “act out” their anxiety by clinging, withdrawing, or becoming more violent. Another typical reaction when children make significant progress is to actually move backwards in other areas. For example, they might find it difficult to get dressed themselves or may start having toilet accidents. Don’t ignore these changes and help them deal with their anxiety about nursery admissions. 

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